SkyBook Sportsbook Review

US players accepted
Free Play Bonus 150% up to $200
  • Official website: skybook.ag
  • Min. Deposit to Qualify Bonus: $100
  • Payments Accepted: Bitcoin, Litecoin, MGPay, Person to Person, Checks, Bankwire, VISA

The big business of online sportsbooks and casinos grows every day with not just new customers ready to wager but with new websites ready to take those wagers as well. Yes, there is plenty of places for your action these days but not all gambling sites are created equal so researching the site you use is as important as researching any wager you place.

Skybook is one of these sites and they have been in business since the ’90s. Sites are fighting to get your action and Skybook, as well as the rest of the sites, is offering promotions, bonuses, and services to set themselves apart from the competition. The question is though, how well do Skybook’s promotions, bonuses, and services compare to the rest? Is Skybook the right site for your action? Well, we had a look around the site so checkout what we found below.


  • Sign Up Bonus

History & Background

As stated above, Skybook has been around for some time. It was actually one of the premiere sports gambling sites coming out of the ’90s. They were having a good run too until around 2009 when, for whatever reason, they were no longer able to pay the debts. All debts at that. Whether it was payouts to winners or money owed to commercial interests, they weren’t paying. They began selling off assets before they were bought by the BetPhoenix group and because of this, BetPhoenix and Skybook remain separate sites but are really the same place using the same lines. Since the buyout, Skybook has improved as a sportsbook, however, this is mainly because they had no one to go but up.

Although they do focus on their sportsbook as their main attraction, Skybook also offers a casino, a live casino, and a racebook. These features along with a very nice live-betting option have been added over the years. While they are not innovators of such features, they are never far behind the curve.

Bonus Details

Early Bird Special – One of Skybook’s many limited-time offers allows you to reload your account with a 100% matching bonus on any deposit of $300 or more and it includes a 50% free play as well.

Deposit Bonus – You can receive a 175% bonus on any deposit between the amount of $300 and $1500.

100% Cash Bonus – Deposit between $300 and $1000 and you receive a 100% matching bonus directly into your account.

50% Free Play Bonus – Skybook has a one-time 50% free play bonus for any deposit over $100.

Free Half Point Program – This promotion gives you a half point on the spread of NFL and NBA games.

Reduced Juice Program – Much like the Half Point Program, you can join this program and receive a line reduced to -107 on NCAAF, NFL, and NBA.

Bitcoin Deposit Bonus – Make your initial deposit via Bitcoin and receive a 150% Free Play.

New Casino Bonus – When you deposit between $25 and $300 in the casino you’ll receive a 500% Bonus in your account.

Referral Bonus – For every friend you refer to Skybook you’ll receive 25% of their initial deposit directly into your account. The same goes in their casino but with a 200% matching bonus up to $200.

Live Casino Specials – Depositing into Skybook’s Live Casino between $100 and $250 earns you a 150% matching bonus.

Banking Options

Skybook has a diverse set of payment options available including Visa, person to person, Bitcoin, Litecoin, MGPay, as well as personal checks.


Skybook is one of the 2nd tier sportsbooks and casinos on the internet. The casino is new so that is to be expected and the sportsbook has never really rebounded from its problems from over 10 years ago. They still have players and plenty of action but, unfortunately for Skybook, the reputation of not paying winners has stuck.

Customer Support

You are able to reach customer services via email and phone. There are multiple numbers to reach specific support.

Cons: Areas of improvement

  • Steep rollovers and holds
  • High minimum deposit

One of the reasons the reputation has stuck is because it’s still kind of true. While they do pay out these days, there are a ton of hoops to jump through in order for you to cash out. Skybook has a system in place to make sure when you do cash out, you are receiving as little as possible and they’ll even freeze your account to be sure. This is what you get when you deal with a site that is for “recreational wagering.” I don’t know any recreational wager-ers but I can’t imagine they enjoy losing money at every turn. Sure, if you play everything just right, you could collect one of their good bonuses, have a nice winning streak, cash out before they freeze you, and make a little bit of money. However, it isn’t worth the time or the money to try. They depend on their large bonuses to bring in customers but they have no intention of keeping them.

Free Play Bonus 150% up to $200