The US Masters (2019)

The US Masters Golf Tournament 2019 is the first part of a four-series men’s golf major championships taking place at the Augusta National Golf Club in April.

The event pulls in the best golf players from around the world, offering them a fair shot at:

  • Multi-million-dollar prizes
  • Trophies
  • Reputation gains

… and of course, one of the highest distinctions in the world of golf – “The Masters Green Jacket”.

With 4 days packed with golf action, and 3 days of practice rounds beforehand, there’s a lot of action for fans to enjoy.

To get yourself started and pick the best US Masters odds, you will have to examine the pool of players, their performance so far and previous successes. The fairly small field of entrants, usually fewer than 100 players, will help you narrow down your choice and single out the best contenders.

Ready to get your betting on point? Great.

There’s no better place to start than with the opening games when you are looking for best odds to win the Masters.
It’s these initial matches that will start the ever-changing dynamic of moneylines, spreads and totals that will evolve all throughout the four-day contest.

The US Masters Overview and Game Plan

The US Golf Masters Tournament is a highly-contested competition. Even though it represents the smallest of the four major events in 2019, the event has quite the pull and a dynamic rotation of players.

In fact, one of the few players to ever win more than one event in the past 20 years is Tiger Woods. The 2018 winner, Patrick Reed, will be returning to the 2019 edition of the event in an attempt to top the field once again.

Here’s the event at a glance:

  • Tournament Dates: April 11 – 14, 2019
  • Edition: 83rd
  • Winner’s Reward: $1.98 million
  • Course: Augusta National Golf Club, US

Leading up to the first official tee off on April 11, there will be three independent Practice Rounds days held from April 8 through April 10. Want to start calibrating your Masters odds? You might want to tune in and see the practice games first.

The entire schedule of the event runs as follows:

  • Monday, April 8 – Wednesday April, 10: Practice Rounds
  • Thursday, April 11: The Masters Round 1
  • Friday, April 12: The Masters Round 2, 36-hole cut
  • Saturday, April 13: The Masters Round 3
  • Sunday, April 14: The Masters Round 4

The practice rounds will help you see how well individual players perform, although what you see in the first three days of warm-up is not necessarily going to reflect what will happen during the actual competition when the stakes are much higher.

The 36-Hole Cut

Round 2 of the US Masters is an important moment for the event, as it’s the first time the field of contestants is whittled down by a significant number of players and only those that meet the criteria make the final cut. It’s at this point you will be able to focus a little better on the most likely odds to win the Masters series.

The current cut rule introduced in 2013 presently excludes players that are outside the Top 50 + ties and also aren’t within 10 strokes of the leader after the 36th hole, hence the name of the rule.

If a player is within Top 50, and they are more than 10 strokes behind the leader, they still make the cut, naturally, because they are already in the group of players with the best results.

In summation:

  • All Top 50 players will make the cut
  • Players with ties for the 50th place and within 10 strokes of the 36-hole leader make the cut
  • Golfers that are in the 70th spot can still make the cut if they are no more than 10 strokes behind the leader, for example

The 36-Hole Cut is a very good gauge of how the players have progressed since the first golf stroke.

It will help you to study up the results and how particular players have been advancing but by the end of Round 2, you will notice that the likely tournament winners will be part of the leading 10 players.

Pairing the Masters Round 1 -4

To have a better grasp of how the competition unfolds, we will have to look at the pairings. Masters pairings and tee times are by default determined by the Augusta National Club during the first two rounds, but then things change slightly and pairings depend solely on player scores – and in the case of ties – on how quickly a player has posted their score.

A tee time is the time you are supposed to hit off your first ball, also called a tee shot. Put in a purely specialist language, the tee time is the time you tee off. Tee times are required and they help tournaments maintain a steady flow of golfers.

The third and four rounds pairings will differ slightly. In simple words, the better a player’s score is, the later his tee time will be. This way, the player who’s last at the end of Round 2 will have to tee off first in Round 3.

In the event of ties, the speed at which players post their final scores will determine the order and tee times for players in Round 3 and 4.

When crunching the odds for Masters’ individual rounds, it will be particularly helpful to take into consideration the pairings as well as the tee time each player has been assigned.

The Traditional Pairing

Though most pairings are determined by the hosts or based on individual scores and quickness of play, there is one traditional pairing that remains the same across the different editions of the competitions – this is the U.S. Amateur vs. the defending champion.

This gives you plenty of leeway to calculate your Masters odds for 2019, as the defending champion will play against the U.S. Amateur champion unless the US Amateur champ hasn’t turned pro in the meanwhile which will result in automatic forfeit of his spot in the tournament.

Analysis of Augusta National Golf Club Course

Augusta National Golf Club is a private golf course that includes fewer than 300 members and as such it hasn’t been rated by the USGA. However, the Masters event has always run on the same 7,435 yards and a par of 72. The terrain is a mix of fairway (100 acres) and rough (40 acres), making a well-balanced overall experience.

To be able to pick the Masters odds that will guarantee you higher yield on your wagers, you will need to familiarize yourself with how well individual players perform on a given terrain.

US Masters Golf Tournament 2019 Course

Each year, the US Masters announces the specific track for individual competitions, which can also be a valuable gauge in deciding which players may have a slightly better time at the specific track.

Again, you will need to show deeper understanding of individual playstyles, which means that you will have to allocate a fair amount of time watching and talking golf.

How Players Perform Across Different Terrain Patches

The defending champion, Patrick Reed, demonstrated a great game across various patches in 2018 and so did the runners-up Jordan Spieth and Justin Rose who have been coming close to a title in the period between 2014 – 2018.

Spotting these individual strengths and weaknesses in a player’s game can help you with your US Masters betting in the long term. Remember, though, that because of the stiff competition what held true in 2018 isn’t going to necessarily repeat itself in 2019 and we can see yet more stars soaring past the 36-Hole Cut and into the first places.

As to the Augusta National Golf Club course, it will certainly prove a little more difficult in certain patches for some of the players. It’s up to you to spot the ups-and-downs in the gameplay of individual athletes.

Patrick Reed successfully shooting out a golf ball out of a tight spot during a US Masters event.

Examining the Available Wagers Beyond Traditional Markets

Now that you have prepared yourself to place successful bets on the best Masters odds in 2019, it’s time to look up the available markets. Most commonly, you can wager on either:

  • Match winners
  • Tournament winners
  • Round winners

There are other exciting markets to consider just as well and that can allow you to achieve even better profit margins for your insight and understanding of the game. These bets can be collectively called proposition bets, and here are some examples:

Age of the WinnerPinpointing the age of the US Master Golfer can be interesting, with the majority of sports bettors favoring younger players.
Left-Handed WinnerCan a left-handed player win? Is there really a reason to think that the choice of hand is detrimental to one’s play?
Amateur Clinches VictoryCan the US Amateur champ top a field of professional competitors? It’s definitely worth to see.
Position BettingDo you think a player will place within Top 5, 10 or 20?
Round LeadersCan you crunch the Masters odds and determine the round leaders?

There will be more individual markets that you can examine on your own, depending on the betting agency you are wagering with. Each individual sportsbook will introduce you to a selection of possible wagers.

US Masters Picks & Predictions

US Masters odds aside, what you will be the most interested in is the picks and predictions. You know that there are going to be come-backs and surprising developments. We are here to help you understand the rhythm of the game and spot all the auspicious moments when you can place a winning wager.

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