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The NBA has been popular among basketball fans for ages and in recent times, this competition has become a favorite of bettors too. Because NBA games are exciting to watch, they’re also very fun to bet on. And these matches can also be pretty profitable. It’s because NBA odds are often really good from the players’ point of view.

With NBA odds and predictions, utilizing NBA odds to win like a true betting odds shark is the first step to winning big especially on the championships and you can use Las Vegas odds to help you with your NBA odds and picks.

NBA Odds Today

Here are the NBA odds tonight to help you make a better NBA odds prediction:

Odds to Win Championship in 2021

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TeamSpreadMoney LineTotal
Phoenix Suns+5.0 (-110)+175o222.5 (-110)
Milwaukee Bucks-5.0 (-110)-200u222.5 (-110)

The fact is that a big majority of online sportsbook operators have NBA events in their betting offer. It’s no surprise knowing how popular this championship is. Although it’s great having a large number of options before you, it’s not that easy to pick out the best NBA sportsbooks.

Which one is the best for you does not only depend on the sportsbook but on your preferences as a bettor.  For example, one of the factors that come into account when picking an NBA bookmaker is whether your betting style focuses on favorites or underdogs.

Sportsbooks With the Best Odds on Favorites

Sportsbooks in which a big number of players is betting on NBA are those that often offer attractive odds on favorites. It’s because with a large betting volume, those sportsbooks have the luxury to reduce their profit margin.

A profit margin of 5% on a betting volume of $1M equals more money than a profit margin of 10% on a $10K betting volume. So, if you’re a bettor who likes backing NBA favorites, your best shot is to create accounts at big-name sportsbooks that are focused on the US market. Those sportsbooks are guaranteed to have a lot of players betting on the competitions popular in this part of the world. And the NBA is definitely one of those competitions.

Sportsbooks With High Odds on Underdogs

Those sportsbooks that are not particularly focused on the NBA will not have a too large betting volume on these games. And that means that their NBA odds will change more often. By ‘change’, we mean that they are likely to drop on favorites and rise on underdogs.   

Sportsbooks With the Best Bonuses

To attract the players to register accounts, many sportsbooks decide to give them some incentives. And one of the most common incentives is a bonus. Most sportsbooks have sign-up bonus deals available for the newcomers all the time, while some might decide to add a few other bonus deals as a way of promoting themselves.

For a full list of the best bonuses making their rounds for new depositors, check out these sportsbooks bonuses of 2022.

One of those bonuses is the one centered around the NBA. You can expect bookies to offer such bonuses during times of the year when this competition is in everyone’s focus. For example, this might happen during the Playoff season. And if the bonus is good, it doesn’t matter if NBA odds are not as high as they might be in some other sportsbooks.

Sportsbooks With Enhanced NBA Odds

Instead of giving away a bonus in the form of free betting credits, some sportsbooks might decide to boost the odds instead. To make the bettors want to place their money on a certain outcome, they might offer them enhanced odds.

Usually, the odds on the underdog are the ones that are enhanced, but sometimes, as a promotional stunt, sportsbooks boost the odds on the favorites.

Reasons Why NBA Odds Are Attractive


The NBA is the most prestigious basketball competition and is loved by millions of bettors from all over the world. Many of them wager a lot of money on these games every weekend. And when there’s a lot of cash involved, everyone wants their share of it. This is why the number of sportsbooks that deal with NBA events is really high. And that number is growing all the time.

In order to stand above the competition, NBA sportsbooks need to make themselves appealing to bettors. Probably the best way to do it is by offering attractive NBA odds. No matter if it’s the favorite or the underdog that you’re betting on, you can be sure the odds are not going to be too short.

There’s another reason for that – this is one incredibly tough championship, in which every team has enough quality to beat any team. Thanks to this fact, there are no huge underdogs in the NBA. Even the lowest-ranked teams get their share of wins over the course of a season.

Only six teams in the entire history of the NBA have failed to win more than 10 games per season. In fact, the teams that finish the season at the very bottom of the conference table usually do manage to get about 20 wins. Likewise, the conference winners usually lose about 20 matches during the regular season.

How Do Odds Work in NBA Betting?

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Sportsbooks set the initial odds based on the stats and rankings of the teams. For instance, if Toronto Raptors, a superstar-packed team is playing against a side from the bottom of the conference table, such as Atlanta Hawks, it’s obvious that the odds are going to be very short on the Canadian team, probably somewhere in the ballpark of -1000.

If the odds are very short on one team, they need to be very long on the other one. But they mustn’t be too long. Otherwise, if a surprise did happen, the sportsbook would lose a lot of money. In this particular scenario, the initial odds on Atlanta Hawks beating Toronto Raptors would be around +700.

The odds are adjusted as soon as players start betting big. If a lot of money is placed on one outcome, the sportsbook needs to manipulate the odds in order to restore the balance. By reducing the odds on the favorite while simultaneously rising them on the underdog, they make sure that no matter what happens, they get their profit. Or at least, they don’t lose too much.

Using Knowledge of NBA Odds to Make Profits

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NBA odds are set in such a way that regardless of the outcome, the house always wins. Because of that, sports betting is practically a battle fought between bettors. Sportsbooks don’t care which team wins, players do. That said, sportsbooks don’t have reasons to pay too much attention to the odds. In fact, everything regarding odds, including their adjustment, is done automatically.

If the odds are suddenly dropping on a certain outcome, it doesn’t mean that the bookmaker thinks that that outcome is actually going to play out. What it actually means is that a lot of money is being wagered on it. A change in odds can tell you what bettors think, not what sportsbooks think.

So, the question is do odds tell you something about what’s going to happen in the match? If the odds are short, it means that a large number of people think that the outcome is going to happen. And we really mean a large number of people because in order for odds to drop, a lot of money needs to be wagered.

The fact that a lot of people are putting a lot of money on a certain NBA bet could mean that there’s something going on that you’re not aware of. Maybe there’s some injury news or some beef among the players or something along those lines. Luckily, we live in the era of the internet, so checking what’s happening with the NBA event in question is not that hard.

Why NBA Odds Are Great for Live Betting

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As we’ve already mentioned, NBA odds change over time. And they can sometimes change drastically from the moment they’re initially published to the start of the match. But the change is nothing compared to the change that can happen during the match. If your sportsbook is offering live NBA betting, you can see for yourself how quickly NBA odds can change.

If a team is losing in the first quarter, it’s obvious that the odds on that team are going to get higher. For example, if the moneyline odds on Chicago Bulls were -300 before the match, they’re probably going to rise to +100 if the team is losing in the early stages of the game. Likewise, they’re going to drop on Chicago Bulls’ opponent that’s having a lead in the game.

You can take advantage of this by betting live that Chicago Bulls are going to turn around the match to their favor. Of course, for that to happen, you need the Bulls to manage to win the game going from behind.

Sports Trading

There’s another tactic involving NBA odds and live betting. It’s called sports trading. How it works is that you bet on the underdog before the match. If that team gets an early lead, the odds on the favorite are going to go up. By doing simple calculations, you will be able to figure out how much money to bet live on the favorite so that no matter what happens, you will make profits.

If this isn’t too clear to you, it’s best if you took a look at the example. And a good example is the clash between Los Angeles Lakers and Memphis Grizzlies. Being a big favorite, the team from California is -500 to win. At the same time, the odds on Grizzlies are +300 ahead of the match. By placing $50 on the underdog, you have a chance to win a total of $200, stake included.

If Lakers are playing bad in the first half, you can be certain the odds on this team are going to go up. And if that happens, it’s time to back them. By putting the right amount of money on the LA team, you’re going to make sure that no matter who wins the match, you’re going to have a profit.

Let’s say the live odds at the half time are +100 on Lakers who are losing the match. If you put $100 on this team, your potential winning is $200, which is the same as the bet you made before the game. So, whatever happens, you’re going to win $200 and considering that your total stake was $150 ($50 on Grizzlies pre-match and $100 on Lakers live), you’re going to go away with $50 extra in your pocket!

NBA Wagers With the Best Odds

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If you have experience with basketball betting, you should have no problems figuring out which NBA odds are the best. You can bet on literally anything you like, but not every betting market is actually a good choice.

First of all, sportsbooks tend to focus their NBA betting offer only on the most popular markets. Secondly, some markets come with better odds than the other ones. Considering that making money is the whole point of sports betting, you surely want to get the best NBA odds possible.

This is why we’ve decided to help you out and present you with the best types of bets for NBA betting. With these wagers, you can be sure you’re gonna get the best possible odds.

Moneyline Odds

The moneyline is the most popular type of bet in most sports, basketball included. It’s because it’s pretty simple. You just place your money on the time you think is going to win the game. The only thing that matters is that your team wins, it doesn’t matter with how many points nor when. They can win it even after Over Time.

The trouble with this bet is that sometimes the odds can be too low. If a team is a huge favorite, you can’t expect the sportsbook to offer too attractive moneyline odds. This is why in those cases, many bettors decide to spice things up by betting on point spreads.

Point Spread Odds

Point spread betting works in such a way that the favorite is given a points-handicap by the bookmaker that they need to cover in order for the bet to go through. The handicap usually comes in the form of a number and a half, e.g. -10.5.

Let’s say you’re betting on Denver Nuggets -10.5 against Sacramento Kings. For your bet to be a winning one, Nuggets need to finish the match with at least 11 points more than Kings. It might not seem like an easy job, but that’s why the odds are much more lucrative than they would be if your choice was Denver Nuggets moneyline.


Instead of betting on who’s going to win the match, you can bet on how many points in total we’ll see in the match. The bookmaker will come up with a point margin and it’s up to you to guess whether there’s going to be more or less points than that.  

Player Betting Odds

Betting on a player means putting your trust into one man instead of a group of players. This is the reason why player betting is thought of as pretty risky. But exactly that is the reason why player betting often comes with really good odds.

You can bet on how many points a player will score in a game, how many rebounds or blocks is he going to make, and so on. You can also bet on player match-ups, in which you get to choose which of the two players is going to perform better.

NBA Futures

Odds change over time and in most cases, the odds on the favorite are the ones that drop. This is the reason why bettors love futures. These are the sorts of bets whose outcome will be known days, weeks, or even months into the future. And such, these are the bets with high odds on the favorites.

NBA Props

You can bet on things that aren’t directly connected to what’s happening on the court. Some sportsbooks will let you bet on what color of shoes will LeBron James wear the next season. Some sportsbooks will let you bet on which venue will attract the most spectators the next year. You get the picture…  

Apart from offering their own prop bets, some sportsbooks could decide to let the bettors do it themselves. So, if you have some ideas on what to bet, you could make a proposition to your bookmaker. And if they like what they’re hearing, they will come up with the NBA odds for that prop. Then, it’s up to you to accept them or decline.

One Final Piece of Advice

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If you’re a bettor who thinks of NBA betting as a way of having fun, odds shouldn’t concern you much. Whether the odds are slightly better or slightly worse will not make too big of a difference if you’re betting a relatively small stake.

However, if you’re a high-roller or a professional gambler, NBA odds can mean all the difference. In the long run, picking the right sportsbook can mean much bigger profits going your way.

In both cases, one thing is certain – you should put your trust only in the most reliable sportsbook operators. And you can find those in our list of recommended sportsbooks! Coincidently, those sportsbooks are not just the most reliable ones, but also the ones with the best NBA odds!

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