NBA Finals (2019)

It seems the NBA Finals has become its own season. In the era of super teams, free agents are more concerned with winning a chip than they are with cashing big contracts. And for this reason, we are seeing some of the most talented teams ever play in this final series of the playoffs. This also creates some very interesting gambling value for sports bettors when the NBA Finals finally begin.

The NBA season is a long one, with a tough road through the playoffs to boot, and the two teams that make it to the end are not only the most talented, but are also playing their best basketball. No one backs into the NBA Finals, that’s for sure. These are the best teams, and as we’ve seen many times before in just about every major sport, anything can happen in a seven-game series.

The culmination of the NBA season presents some unique opportunities for sports bettors, as every factor is heightened dramatically. The point spreads will be tighter and the home-court advantage is even more important. Injuries hit teams harder and moneylines feel a pinch too. These are the biggest games of the year, and they will see the most action in the sportsbooks, with moving lines and changing odds all the way up to tip-off. Needless to say, it’s an exciting time of year for everyone.

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