Kentucky Derby (2019)

Horse racing’s Triple Crown is the highlight of every racing season and it begins with a bang and the Kentucky Derby. Everything is bigger at the Derby; the field, the crowd, and, of course, those ridiculous hats. However, and much more importantly, so are the payouts. Not only does all the tradition and pageantry of the Kentucky Derby bring in the casual fan, it invites only the best of the best of thoroughbreds to participate and will always intrigue the professional bet layers.

Playing the ponies is an art form, whether you’re dressed to the nines in the infield, hovering over a racing form at your nearest OTB, or just watching from the comfort of home. Putting together a winning afternoon come Derby time is no easy feat these days. However, with all those entries, there are plenty of opportunities and combinations to cash a winning Kentucky Derby ticket.

Horse racing is a gamblers paradise. If you can think of a wager, you can make that wager. Pick a longshot winner or some odd combination of horses to finish 1-2-3-4. An experienced gambler can tell you of all the value available at the track. And at the Kentucky Derby, that value is present tenfold.

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