NHL Winter Classic (2019)

Every sports league tries to be as innovative as possible, and it’s all in the name of expanding their fan base. Sometimes it works, i.e., baseball night games. Sometimes it doesn’t, like with hockey’s mid 90’s infrared puck. Well, you can file the National Hockey League’s Winter Classic under the “it works” category, as it has been a great success for over ten years now. Every year, the NHL schedules three games to be played by top teams in special locations. On top of that, the games are played outside as hockey was meant to be played. These games have been a great ratings ploy for the league. The fans as well as the gamblers have taken notice.

There are three features a hockey gambler loves about the Winter Classic. First is that this is always a good matchup between two stellar teams. Secondly, the game is not really a home or road game for anyone as a large neutral site is usually needed to accommodate the crowd as well as the rink. And third, it’s outside, so now the weather can be a big factor and great equalizer. Of course, this is what the fans like about the Winter Classic too, but, to sports gamblers, these three things add value to every wager and there’s nothing more important than that.

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