PGA U.S. Open (2019)

The four majors of golf represent the best that championship golf has to offer. They are all comprised of the best golfers in the world playing the toughest courses out there, and nowhere is this more true than at the U.S. Open. The week of the U.S. Open brings such a high degree of difficulty for the world’s best that words such as “humbling” and “ridiculous” are often used to describe the conditions. Even par becomes a great score, and fans love to see the pros struggle just as they do every weekend at the local spot. The tough conditions also add plenty of gambling value in the sportsbooks and, for golf bettors, it’s as big a week as any of the year.

When narrow fairways bordered by deep rough and rock hard greens slick as ice are the norm, you can count on a different brand of golf being played. The competitors certainly do, and so do the gamblers looking to take advantage of such a tournament. Odds are tighter and payouts are bigger. It takes a special type of player to win at the U.S. Open, and the only people who know this more than the pros playing in the tourney are the pros laying wagers in the sportsbook. The week of the U.S. Open has plenty to offer everyone, that’s for sure.

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