What Is ‘Accumulator’ Betting?


ACCA, short for “accumulator”, is a type of sports betting in which a bettor combines multiple selections into one larger bet. The winnings from the individual selections are combined and then multiplied, resulting in a potentially large payout for the bettor if all of the selections are correct.

For Example

If a bettor chose to bet on the winners of four NFL games in one bet. The bettor would receive higher returns if all four teams won, but would lose the entire bet if any one of the teams lost.

The total odds for the accumulator are calculated by multiplying the individual odds of each selection together.

  • For example, if you have four selections at odds of -200, +300, +400, and +500, the total odds for the accumulator would be +240000 ( (-200 x +300 x +400 x +500) ).
  • If you placed a $10 bet on the accumulator, your total payout would be $2400

Always Keep in Mind

  1. High Risk: Accumulator bets are high risk and the potential for large winnings comes with that risk. It’s important to be aware of this risk before placing an accumulator bet.
  2. Limited Odds: Accumulator bet odds are often limited due to the high risk associated with them.
  3. Single Losses: If any of the events in an accumulator bet fail to come through, the entire bet is lost. This can be a huge downside if one of the events is particularly close or difficult to predict.

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