What is a ‘Double Bet’?


A double bet is a type of sports bet that requires a bettor to place one wager on two different outcomes. These selections can be in the same event.

Is a Double Bet the Same as a Parlay?

A parlay allows you to incorporate multiple selections into the same bet. As a result, a ‘Double Bet’ is often seen as the simplest form of a parlay because it only requires two selections to be made.

Double Bet Example

A double bet allows you to make two selections within the same game. For example in this game here, you could pick both the Seahawks to win and take the over:


The advantage to the bettor is that combining both selections into a ‘double bet’ enhances the odds as there’s a higher risk involved.

  • If you were to place $10 on both selections in a ‘Double Bet’ your profit would be: $87.36
  • If you simply placed a $5 single bet on both selections, your total profit would be $25.05

This shows the power of the ‘double bet’ as for the same stake, the difference in return is $62.31

Be Aware

  • The main risk with a ‘double bet’ is that you need both selections to be correct to win the bet. If either selection loses, then you will lose your entire stake.