What Is a ‘Half Unit’ in Betting?


Half unit is a type of betting where the bettor only wagers half of the total amount being bet. This can be used in a variety of different ways, such as to reduce the risk of a bet or to increase the potential return. For example, if a bettor is wagering $10 on a game and they choose to use a half unit, they would only wager $5 on the game instead. This would reduce the potential losses if the bet is unsuccessful, while still allowing the bettor to potentially win the same amount if the bet wins. This is often used by bettors who are more risk-averse, or who are betting on a game with a large payout.

How Can I Use Units in Betting?

Betting in units is useful to help you manage your money and potential risk if you bet on a regular basis. A unit can be as much or as little as you want it to be, but casual bettors tend to think of a unit as $10 to keep things simple.

When you’re placing a wager, you can make a decision on how many units to bet based on your confidence level in the bet. Here are three situations where you can vary the units you bet:

  1. Underdog: When betting on an underdog or a long shot it’s likely that your confidence level will be low. This is where you would usually chose to bet a ‘half unit’, certainly no more than a full unit. Also bear in mind that an underdog will have higher odds, so you can return a good profit while wagering less.
  2. Pick’em: This is a situation where you’ll have around a 50% chance of winning. This is where you would bet between 1-2 units to help balance the risk between the size of your stake and potential return.
  3. Favorite: Most favorites are going to offer low returns, so you’ll need to increase the size of your wager if you want to make a solid profit. As long as you are confident in the bet, this is where you would bet 3-5 units.