What Does ‘Inc Stake’ Mean in Betting?


Inc stake is an abbreviation for ‘increase stake’, a term used in sports betting. It refers to the practice of increasing the amount of a bet to either double the potential winnings or minimize losses.

Inc Stake and Doubling Down

Doubling down is a term used in gambling where a bettor has confidence in the selection and places even more money on it. A good example would be a $10 stake and the bettor places another $10. Doubling down is a very specific example of increasing the stake, however, you can increase by as much or as little as you like.

Difference Between Inc Stake and Hedging

Increasing the stake would be done where you have increased confidence in your selection and place another wager on the same outcome. Hedging is when you place a wager on the opposite selection in an attempt to guarantee some kind of return – usually when you have little confidence in the initial wager.