Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Relationship Odds & Breakup Song Predictions

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  • Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship has taken the NFL and pop culture media by storm!
  • The couple is affectionately nicknamed “Traylor” by fans and supporters of both Swift and Kelce.
  • They’ve made headlines ever since Kelce attempted to give Swift a friendship bracelet back in July.

Will this relationship end in a breakup and hit song? Or become something more? We have the odds below!

Relationship Odds

Breakup before 2024 year end
Breakup before 2025 year end
July 29, 2023: Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce greets fans during training camp at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, Missouri. - ZUMAm67_ 20230729_zaf_m67_001 Copyright: xTammyxLjungbladx - ZUMA0300 0300522339st Copyright: xIMAGO/TammyxLjungbladx

Breakup Song Names

If Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce break up and Taylor releases a song, here are some potential song names:

  • Field of Tears
  • Never Friends
  • What you Didn’t Do
  • Betrayed
  • Red Tears
  • Passing Lights
  • Autumn
  • Sunday’s Gone
  • Dropped Feelings
  • Crowded Night
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