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Many years ago, golf was a sport that was played by the rich and famous, and by those that were predominantly retired. Those are the days of the past and nowadays, golf has become one of the most popular sports to not only play but also to wager on.

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The recent popularity of daily fantasy sports has also played a major factor in increasing the number of people betting on golf. Whether you are interested in betting on a regular PGA Tour Tournament, the US Open, Masters, European Open or another PGA event, most offshore sportsbooks will provide you with the ability to bet on these events.

Out of all of the sports that are available to bet on, golf betting can be the most profitable due to the odds, variations of ways to bet on golf and many other factors. That being said, none of those variables matter if you do not have a reliable offshore sportsbook. In this article, we will discuss the basics of how to bet on golf and what you will want to look for, to make sure you have a reliable golf betting offshore sportsbook.

How to Bet on Golf – The Basics

Golf is not only one of America’s favorite sports. It’s also one of America’s favorite sports to gamble on. From a weekend five dollar nassau to a country club seniors scramble, no matter the level of golf there always seems to be money on the line. And the sportsbook is no different.

Betting golf is one of the tougher plays in the sportsbook. This is because most bets have you picking one player versus the field. Of course, this can earn you big payouts but it’s a tough bet to lay down week in and week out. However, if you consider certain factors you can find plenty of value while betting golf.

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Major Betting Markets

Golf is one of the unique sports to bet on because it isn’t as simple as just picking a team that is playing another team. In golf betting, you are picking one golfer that will be competing against nearly 150+ other golfers! This makes it of utmost importance to find a sportsbook that offers more than just straight wagers on golfers.

When you are looking for your offshore sportsbook, be sure to look to determine what type of golf wagers they accept. Some of the most popular forms of golf wagers are as follows:

Tournament Winner – This is undoubtedly the popular option when it comes to betting on golf. This wager is typically used to back a player for success at a particular tournament. The bet wins if the player succeeds and it loses if they lose. This is a straightforward wager that is best suited for newcomers.

Each Way – Even though a straight bet to back one player sounds simple, it is not necessarily a good decision to go with one player when the field comprises of more than 100 competitors. The each-way bet can be used to wager on a player winning the tournament and finishing in a specific place. Both outcomes are given an equal stake. The price for a place finish changes depending on the bookmaker. Some bookmakers may provide a 1/5th of a win for a player to finish in the top six but may offer the same odds for a top-five finish.

This is an especially profitable way of backing outsiders. Even if they are unable to win the event, many rank outsiders have been able to snatch a top five or top six position in some co-sanctioned European Tour events.

Head to Head Wagers – If you enjoy betting golf but don’t like the odds equated with playing one golfer vs. 150+ golfers, then you should make sure your offshore sportsbook offers head to head wagering. With head to head wagering, you are simply betting that one golfer will finish the tournament with a better score than another golfer.

Niche Betting Markets

First Round Leader Bets – Some of the offshore sportsbooks will give odds on who will be the first round leader for each tournament. These odds are usually much smaller than the overall winning golf bet but still offer the ability to cash in on some smaller wagers to build those bankrolls. The first round leader bet winners are determined whoever had the best score on the course after the first round is complete.

Top 5, 10 and 20 Finish Bets – Another wager in golf that has much lower odds but a decent chance to win is Top placement bets. Most offshore sportsbooks will offer Top 5, Top 10 and Top 20 place finish bets but not all. Some sportsbooks simply do not offer these types of wagers.

Golf Props – You are going to find that betting golf becomes very fun and exciting but when you bring golf props into the equation, it takes the entertainment of golf to a whole different level. With golf props, you can pick how many tournaments certain golfers will win, if golfers will make cuts, how many consecutive cuts golfers can make, etc. These types of golf wagers are odds based so one must be careful what they are wagering on so they do not lose unnecessary money!

Golf Futures – A decent offshore sportsbook that allows you to bet on golf will offer many options for golf futures. These are long-term bets that can take several months before the wager is decided. Since several facets of a tournament or a player’s availability could change, most of these futures bet do come with exit clauses that allow a bettor to get a full refund.

Some of the golf futures that most offshore sportsbooks offer are betting on the US Masters golf betting, the US Open golf betting, predictions on the tour championship and who will be the FedEx Cup Points Leader at the end of the year.

Hole in One Bets – Players have been getting better with regards to aggressiveness and accuracy. The improvement in equipment standards has a major role to play in improved statistics from players. The number of aces have grown in recent years. It is possible to back the number of hole-in-one at great prices. Even though the risk is much higher, the rewards are able to outweigh these problems.

Live Betting

Golf is a sport where live betting opportunities are aplenty. Weather can have a major impact on a tournament. For example, a player that you picked might play early in the morning. If there is a sudden change in prevailing weather conditions from good to bad, the player goes into a strong disadvantage. It is possible to avoid such situations by placing in-play bets, which offer adjusted odds. It does take a lot of experience to excel in this type of betting, but it can help curb losses for the experienced bettors.

Essential Betting Strategies

To learn the basics of golf betting we will look at the strategies you can use. Golf is very competitive these days and in order to be successful in golf betting, you are going to have to study up on all the latest tournament results and stats. Just like other sports, who’s hot and who’s not is the all important question but there are other ways to win so knowing the PGA well will be your greatest asset.

  1. Who is Due – Golfers get hot or go cold just like any athlete will. Golfers primed to win a tournament will have been showing well in the weeks prior to the win. You improve your odds dramatically when you are able to identify who these golfers are. They make all the cuts, a ton of birdies and finish strong. And just as there are golfers on a roll there are ones who are ice cold. They are missing cuts and not breaking par. Stay away from them no matter how big their name is. Let the golfer prove themselves before laying a bet on them.
  2. 2nd Tier Value – Everyone is going to bet Tiger. Everyone is going to bet Rory. Great golfers equals bad bets. When picking against the field you don’t want to take the favorite. Especially a heavy favorite. You need that second tier guy to get the good value on a golf bet. +200 is not enough of a return on your risk. You need to find the guy at +500 to +1200. Not a long shot but not someone everyone is taking.
  3. Know the Courses – Some players play well on certain courses or in certain tournaments. There are many reasons for this. It’s their home course or just a course they’ve played before. It’s in their hometown. Their game just matches the course well. Keep track of a tournament’s history to see who these players are and how they’ve finished in the past. Some courses, Pebble Beach, for instance, are played several times in a year on Tour. Get to know the big courses and the tournament they host and which players play well there.

Each course has a unique layout that some players tend to like or dislike. For example, it is important to have excellent accuracy off the tee in some courses. This is true in the case of narrow courses like Crans-Sur-Sierre or Wentworth. If a player has a tendency to be accurate off the tee, they have a great opportunity to avoid deep roughs or tall tree cover. This will help them make par with a higher success rate. There are also modern courses that do not demand such accuracy. Even if a player is not very accurate, they can make up at latter stages and still come up with birdies.

Courses that are exposed to windy conditions can be quite tricky. Some courses do have a natural defense against wind. Players need to have more patience and low ball flight techniques to overcome such conditions.

  • Wait a Beat – Laying a bet before the tournament starts will get you the best outs for a good payout. However, waiting for the weekend will greatly improve your chances. The cut has been made and you’ll have a better idea of who is in position to win come Sunday.
  • Props for the Props – It will take some searching but there are good bets to be found in the golf props. Because golf is an individual sport knowing the strengths of certain players will help narrow down a smart play. For instance, birdie over/unders for a player you know makes a lot of birdies. The great thing about prop betting is you have plenty of options.
  • Check in on Saturday – On the PGA Tour, Saturday is known as “Moving Day.” This is the day a golfer either moves into position to win on Sunday or if they fall out of contention. Checking in on the lines on Saturday afternoon is a smart play. Most of the field has been eliminated from contention or missed the cut completely. The odds will be lower but not by much so there is plenty of value on picking a winner on Saturday.
  • Opt against Inexperience – Even though a talented name might be on the field, it is better to go with an experienced campaigner. A major part of success in golf is about dealing with pressure. This pressure can come about when trying to win the tournament or merely trying to keep a place in the major tours. It is important to back a player who has been recently successful at a major event, as they would feel less pressure on their shoulders.

Golf betting strategy is just like any other sports betting strategy. You have to be able to find the bets with value and ignore the rest. Once you become a fan of the sport and do your homework, you can lay a bet with low risk and plenty of reward. There are great plays in golf betting if you know your tournaments, your courses, and your players. A little research goes a long way so study up and start getting paid out.

While betting golf will prove to be a tough play, there is value out there, especially if you play on the top-rated sites. You just have to do your homework to find it.

Betting on Major Golf Tournaments

There are just two major leagues – PGA Tour and European Tour – when it comes to golf. However, there are betting opportunities with professional events taking place throughout the year. There are tours – Korn Ferry Tour and Challenge Tour – that serve as feeder tournaments for the major leagues.

The four major tournaments (The Masters, The U.S. Open, The British Open, and The PGA Championship) bring out the best fields every year. These are tough tournaments on tough courses. It brings out the gamblers as well. You will find your best odds and best bets during these tournaments. Betting a favorite at a major is a great play. The odds and payouts will be better than usual because it takes such a special talent to win a major. Don’t miss one of these tournaments.

Betting on PGA Tour

This is one of the oldest and popular golf tours. Created in 1929, it is predominantly held in the United States, and it is a men’s only tournament. A few PGA Tour events also take place in South America or Asia. Some of the iconic events are the FedEx Cup, which happens to be the money list event, and Players Championship. The latter has some of the highest pursues among any golf tournament. It also provides the highest world ranking points. All these factors attract the best players to the PGA Tour.

The FedEx Cup comprises of four events, which begin with the top 125 players. The number is reduced to 100 players for the second event, while the third event only features 70 players. The Tour Championship is the final event and only 30 golfers complete for winning the trophy.

Betting on European Tour

This tour was created only in 1972. Initially started as a platform for European golfers, this tour has grown in size over the years. Even though it is played primarily in Europe, there are also events that take place in the United States, Africa, and Asia. The European Tour cannot compete with the PGA Tour in terms of prestige or prize money, but it features plenty of top golfers. The money list event in the European Tour happens to be the Race to Dubai.

The Race to Dubai is all about the top 60 golfers from all events in the European Tour coming up for a series of three final events. No cuts will be made in these events, and there is a lot of prize money and points on offer. The Race to Dubai is the final event and it rewards the winner with the maximum points.

Betting on Smaller Golf Tournaments

There are a second tier of tournaments on the PGA Tour. These do not attract the big names or, if they do, there won’t be many of them. The odds and payouts are much bigger these weeks because the field is much more wide open. There is plenty of value here. Just with any golf bet, it’ll take some sifting but watching every tour event will pay dividends.

Korn Ferry Tour – Golfers need to earn enough points or money to keep them in contention for a place at the PGA or European Tours. PGA Tour accepts only the top 125 players. One of the ways to remain in contention is by taking part in tournaments like Korn Ferry Tour, which are also known as feeder tournaments. Even though the cream of golfers do not take part, these tournaments still offer plenty of excitement and betting value.

Challenge Tour – Most of the golfers aiming to feature at the European Tour use Challenge Tour as an entry point. Even though many of these players do not keep full playing rights for the major tournaments, several bookmakers do cover these tournaments.

How to Choose a Bookmaker

golf bookmakers

A large number of golfers participate in events across the world. This leads to a large difference in prices provided by bookmakers. This calls for a proper selection to determine the bookmaker who yields the maximum returns for the funds. The first consideration for any bettor is price. It always pays well to go with the highest price, but exceptions can be made if the bookmaker is willing to offer an additional place. Even if an additional place is offered, this does not necessarily represent value.

A bookmaker’s reputation is very important when signing up. Some bookmakers might offer extraordinary welcome bonuses to attract players, but it is important to stay grounded and choose the most suitable option without any pressure. Some of the different factors that need to be considered when making this choice are:

  • Odds
  • Bonuses
  • Reputation
  • Betting markets
  • Live streaming service
  • Live betting options
  • Banking options

What Type of Banking Options Are Available?

One of the first and probably most important things to check prior to choosing an offshore sportsbook for your golf betting is the type of banking options available. You will want to make sure that you can not only make a withdrawal but also that you can fund your account and make a deposit.

Most reliable offshore sportsbooks will offer many options to make your deposits such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Bank Wires, and now, probably the most popular, Bitcoin. Bitcoin is by far the most secure form of making a deposit and provides you with the safety of anonymity.

Another nice part about using Bitcoin is that many of the offshore sportsbooks will provide you with a bonus for using Bitcoin and many will provide you with lower payout fees for utilizing Bitcoin.

What Types of Limits Do Offshore Sportsbooks Have?

When you initially start wagering on golf, you will most likely start small, like most people but over the course of time, your wagers will most likely increase. You will want to make sure you check with the offshore sportsbook to determine what are the limits with golf betting. You will want to make sure that you can place small enough wagers to justify your larger odds bets but also large enough wagers to make it beneficial for those head to head wagers.

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