iPhone Sports Betting Apps


Apple basically kicked off the age of modern-day smartphones and it was first to have some of the amazing services that we enjoy today. For bettors, the platform was perhaps the first to have various kinds of betting apps and these have guided the industry up till now. iPhone sports betting is therefore not something that is still in its infancy. This guide is here to help you find the bests iPhone sports betting apps anywhere.

It has been over a decade since Apple launched the iPhone in 2007 and, in that period, the device has stood the test of time by becoming one of the most popular smartphones on the planet. While iPhones may not have the lion’s share of the smartphone market, they are known by almost everyone. In fact, they are dream phones for many people owing to the strong Apple brand and their association with luxury. iPhones look good and feel good, and these are just a few of the factors that make them so popular.

The App design is exquisite owing to the company’s strict policies with regards to the usage of software development kits. Getting an app listed on the Apple App Store is a rather thorough process that involves a lot of scrutiny and vetting. As such, only the best of the best apps succeed at being listed in the store.

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Are Sports Betting Apps Allowed on iPhone?

Some restrictions, of course apply as Apple is very strict about not allowing gambling apps – including sports betting. Some policy changes have been introduced, of course, but for the most part betting apps are off limits. There are a few states that allow to download sports betting apps for iPhone, though, which is handy. However, Apple requires all apps to be developed as native solutions rather than ported from another Operating System (OS).

Now, there are a plethora of iPhone sports betting apps that bettors can download and install on their devices. The number increased significantly over the past year or so thanks to the Supreme Court ruling that abolished PASPA and lifted the federal ban on sports betting.

As mentioned above, the iPhone is one of the most popular sports betting platforms with millions of people using the devices to place sports bets and stream matches every single second. While the popularity of the brand has contributed significantly to this, there are several other factors that have made it possible for sports betting to thrive. They include:

Safety and Security

Safety and security are one of the biggest strengths of the iOS system. iPhones are literally impossible to break into and they are never affected by viruses. That’s a fact – the FBI begged Apple to open one of their phones, because it would have taken the agents decades to do so themselves. As such, sports bettors are drawn to the fact that they can go about their betting business without having to worry about their personal information being leaked or transferred to third-parties. With such revolutionary technologies as FaceID and TouchID, iPhone users, including sports bettors, are able to enjoy a consistently private and controlled experience.

The Advanced Geocaching Capabilities

Most sports betting operators especially in the United States have always had an iPhone-first approach when it comes to creating apps for their customers. This is because most of these operators require users to verify their locations before using the sports betting apps – strict state gambling laws often require this.

With Apple’s built-in geolocation service, many sports betting operators have been able to easily deploy apps and offer sports betting services without violating any sports betting laws.

Advantages When Betting

Sports betting on an iPhone

The section above is meant to give you an insight into why iPhones are so popular among sports bettors and the sports betting operators. Now, we are certain you may be asking yourself what you stand to gain if you decide to go with iPhone as your sports betting device of choice. Well, there are a ton of reasons why you should consider getting an iPhone especially if you intend to get in on a significant amount of wagering. Here are some of the advantages you should look forward to:

Trustworthiness and fairness – As mentioned earlier, iPhones are extremely safe and secure devices. This means that the available sports betting apps for iPhone are equally as good since they all have to adhere to the standards set by the company. This even applies to the web-based sports betting sites that are available to iOS users. Fairness is a big deal in the gambling scene and only the most trustworthy operators have been able to deliver on that.

Speed, convenience and reliability – These three aspects are quite elusive for many service providers and this is because they often go hand in hand. With the best sports betting apps for iPhone, you can rest assured that everything will be smooth and seamless. No need to worry about hick-ups, bugs or lag. Everything just works!

iPhone-exclusive bonuses and promotions – Every online sports betting platform will have enticing bonuses and promotions to attract potential customers. For iPhone users, many of these platforms go out of their way to bring the best bonuses and promotions since in this case, they are definitely dealing with the top cream of smartphone users. Right from the welcome bonuses to the reload bonuses, you will always feel like a VIP when paying on your iPhone sports betting app.

The User Interface (UI) –Modern iPhones have Retina displays. All of the available sports betting apps will, therefore, have crystal-clear images that are very color accurate. Even if you intend to watch highlights of games while placing your wagers you will have an outstanding viewing experience.

Updates – Apple Inc. has always been lauded for the excellent software support that it offers its users. iPhones receive regular security and feature updates which keep them running optimally. This means that your iPhone sports betting apps are always guaranteed on even phones that are several years old.

Disadvantages When Betting

Some iPhones have relatively smaller screens but not everyone minds this especially since they are able to enjoy gaming services without any hick-ups. Still, the small screens might be a disadvantage to some people but Apple has been gradually improving on this aspect.

The main disadvantage of the iPhone is the price. Most of these smartphones are quite pricey and this discourages many people from buying them. However, we recommend that you go for a device in the used market. iPhones have great resale value and you can get a very decent device for just a few hundred bucks.

Getting Started

Well, it’s simple as that. You just need an iPhone and suitable sportsbook that offers an app. You could either choose to go for a brand new one or buy a used one if you are low on cash and all you need is a fully functional device that does not necessarily need to have all the bells and whistles of the latest and greatest iPhones. It’s really that simple.

What To Look for When Picking an App

To enjoy the experience, you will need to use only the best iPhone sports betting apps. Yes, that is right! Not all iPhone sports betting apps are built the same way and therefore you will have to find one that not only meets all of the current industry standards but also suits your own preferences. When it comes to the broader industry standards, we have very strict criteria when picking sports betting apps for iPhone users. These platforms are listed on our website and you can skim through the list and pick one that tickles your fancy.

Most people prefer to do all the dirty work by finding a great iPhone sports betting app on their own. Well, this is totally cool and to help you we have brief summaries of some of the criteria we use to pick the sportsbooks that we recommend to our readers. There are, of course, a number of things that you will have to pay attention to, but these should be the most significant ones:

  • The Available Sports

For each and every sports betting app for iPhone that you will come across, it is important to ensure that it lists all of the sporting activities and teams that you are interested in betting on. It would be even much better if the app you eventually settle on has a vast selection of sporting activities available. This will give you room to explore more betting options and even learn about new sports.

  • Banking Options

Sports betting is a lucrative business not just for the operators but for the bettors as well. As such, there is a need for a robust cashier system to allow transactions between the player gaming accounts and their banking accounts. iPhones already have access to a vast range of safe, secure and reliable banking services but you will need to ensure that the sports betting app you choose supports your payment service of choice. This could be Visa, MasterCard, AppleCard, ApplePay, and bitcoin et cetera.

  • Competitive Betting Lines

The competitiveness of the betting lines on the sports betting apps for iPhone that you want to use is very important especially if you intend to play with real money. Different sports betting apps will have varying odds and pay lines which means that you will have to browse through them in order to find one that truly appeals to you. The process is pretty straightforward as some apps have the odds and betting lines listed on their homepages.

  • Licensing and Certification

Apple already does a great job of ensuring the iOS system is very secure for all its users. However, there are always seedy individuals looking to take advantage of the users. To be safe, only place bets on sports betting apps for iPhone that are licensed and certified by reputable gambling regulators. Better safe than sorry.

Some Tips to Get You Started

Like other forms of gambling, sports betting is mostly about luck, but this does not completely disqualify the possibility of building a great betting strategy to better your odds.

To begin with, there are tons of sports betting apps for iPhone and they all offer varying odds. As such it would be great if you had access to multiple of the ones that have the most competitive betting lines. Picking the best wagers from these apps means that you will get to walk away with higher profits.

Next, you will definitely need to do some research about the games and teams that you are betting on. A number of factors may influence the outcomes of certain games and being aware of them gives you a bit of an edge. Some of the things you can look into are player and team stats based on previous games. Fortunately, in addition to hosting the best sports betting apps, iPhones also allows bettors to download informational apps that offer insights into various occurrences in the sports industry. These apps are a great way to supercharge your betting experience.


iPhone sports betting is one of the most convenient ways of gaming and this is all thanks to the fine-tuning that both the device maker and gaming operators have invested in. The verdict is quite simple. If you are on the lookout for an experience that is tailored to cater to the most premium users then the best iPhone sports betting apps are meant just for you. This does not mean that players with lower bankrolls are left out. These days, there is an iPhone for every kind of smartphone user and all of them offer a pretty consistent experience. All sports betting apps for the iPhone are exquisite. All you have to do is choose the one that tickles your fancy.