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Sports betting on an iPhone

Over the last 10 years, Apple’s iPhone has increasingly gained popularity among those in the gambling industry. The Apple iPhone is probably one of, if not the most popular phones and mobile devices in operation today. Using Apple iPhone for betting is great because of the fact that the Apple design makes the usage flawless.

For many years, Apple refused to allow third-party application design companies permission to place any type of application, on any Apple mobile device, that had any relation to sports betting, sports wagering, casino games, horse racing or any other type of gambling that used real money. It wasn’t until 2014 that Apple made the decision to change their policies as follows:

20.5 Apps that offer real money gaming (e.g. sports betting, poker, casino games, horse racing) must have necessary licensing and permissions in the locations where the app is used, must be restricted to those locations, and must be free on the App Store.

20.6 Apps that use IAP to purchase credit or currency used in conjunction with real money gaming will be rejected.

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iPhone Safety and Security

One of the most important features about the iPhone that gamblers enjoy is the safety and security of the iOS system. Apple has made it very difficult for hackers to illegally access the iPhone owners information. These security measures are especially important to gamblers due to privacy issues.

Geocaching Capabilities

There are many sports betting applications, websites and companies that require a user to verify the location, due to limitations and requirements within state laws. Apple allows this automatically through their geocaching capabilities that is present on all Apple Mobile Devices. For an online sportsbook, Apple is one of the top choices because they prevent people from opening accounts, that reside in countries where gambling is illegal.

What Do You Need to Gamble Using iPhone

The 1st thing you will need to place a wager with an iPhone, is of course the iPhone itself. iPhones can be purchased at nearly every phone distribution center, as well as many of your brick-and-mortar big-box stores. A new iPhone cost you near $1000 but you can pick up a used earlier year model for just a few hundred dollars.

The next thing you’ll need of course is either an Internet plan or a stable Wifi connection that will allow you to access the Apple store or the Internet. Once you have your Internet connection, you will be able to open your online sports betting account and begin placing wagers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the iPhone

One of the biggest assets and advantages of the Apple iPhone is the crystal-clear clarity that the devices will provide. This is especially important for those that want to take advantage of many of the online sports betting websites casinos with slot machines. The amazing color, clarity and functionality will make playing the slot machines on your iPhone as fun as playing your favorite game on Xbox or PlayStation.

One of the disadvantages of an iPhone can be the size of the actual mobile device. Many people, when they go out shopping for an Apple mobile device, will look for convenience and sometimes convenience means getting small as possible. Having a small phone that can fit in your pocket is nice, but having a phone with a large enough screen that allows you full functionality of a gambling website is much better!

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