NHL Prop Bet Guide and Best Sportsbooks

There are a number of approaches you can take when placing wagers on the NHL. At this point, many bettors will be exploring the outright markets regarding the potential winners of the Stanley Cup, as well as the Eastern and Western Conferences.

However, there are more than enough betting markets available at the leading sportsbooks to keep bettors engaged throughout the entire season, with a wealth of NHL prop betting markets available. Here, we will go through the most popular markets available and what they require to get a win. Meanwhile, we will also examine some key considerations before making a selection on the NHL prop betting markets.

What Is A Prop Bet?

Prop bets is a term used in the betting industry that refers to proposition bets. These are slightly different from other individual game betting options, such as the match result and spread. However, prop bets have been extremely popular when wagering on NHL fixtures throughout the season, and that has led to a growing number of sportsbooks offering more selections to customers.

Prop bets work excellently well, as they ensure that the bettors’ engagement in the action is heightened, while they also offer opportunities to win considerably more on their selections.

Best Sportsbooks for NHL Prop Bets

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NHL Prop Betting Markets

Player Prop Bets

One of the most common prop bets available when wagering on the NHL is the option to place money on individual players and their performances. For instance, some of the markets that you could find for certain fixtures throughout the season include:

  • Auston Matthews To Score A Goal
  • Auston Matthews vs Connor McDavid- Who Will Score The Most Points?
  • Over/Under Connor McDavid Total Points

Each prop betting market is slightly different, so bettors are looking for different things to happen to ensure they get a winning bet. For example, when betting on a player to score, the desired skater must find the net to get returns from your selection.

However, when betting on a ‘player vs player’ market, you are only focused on the two players involved, and not the teams themselves. Therefore, returns are awarded should your selected player outscore their opposite number in the fixture.

Meanwhile, the ‘player’ total points market revolves around just a single skater. Here, if you bet on over 1.5, then you will need the selected player to score at least two points to get a winning bet.

Team Prop Bets

As well as betting on individual players in the NHL prop betting markets, bets can also be placed on a number of special markets centered around how teams will perform. Some of the interesting markets in this section include:

  • Which team will have more penalty minutes?
  • Over/Under Florida Panthers shots on goal
  • Colorado Avalanche Over/Under 3.5 goals?

The team prop betting markets are slightly more straightforward to understand, as you will be betting on just one of the teams involved. So, for example, if you’re betting on penalty minutes, you will simply select the team you believe will need to contend with more penalties during the game.

Meanwhile, the over/under betting markets are very popular. You can bet on the total shots on goal that a team will have in an individual fixture. The sportsbook will set the benchmark, and you will simply need to predict whether the team will have more or fewer shots. For example, if the benchmark is set at 7.5 for the Tampa Bay Lightning, you can bet on over if you believe that they will have at least eight shots.

The total goals for a team is one of the most straightforward team prop bets to make. Once again, the benchmark is set by the sportsbook. Here, a target could be 3.5 for the Toronto Maple Leafs. If you bet on over, then the Leafs must score at least four goals to get returns from your selection.

NHL Prop Betting Tips

Making wagers on the NHL prop betting markets is slightly more difficult than betting on the moneyline or spread markets. A number of factors must be considered before making your selection to ensure that you stand the best chance of getting returns on your bets. Some important considerations include:

  • Player Fitness/Injury Updates
  • Team Form
  • Who’s playing at home
  • The head-to-head record between teams involved
  • Find the best odds

One of the most important tips to consider is also bankroll management. Those betting on NHL prop betting markets tend to stick with slightly smaller stakes, as there are a lot of variables that could impact the outcome of the bet. It is especially encouraged to start with smaller wagers while you’re learning more about the NHL prop betting markets available.