Orioles vs Giants Odds, and Picks (June 2)

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  • The Orioles lost at home to Cleveland, falling 12-8.
  • San Francisco came up short, 9-4, against the Pirates.
  • The Giants are 9-9 in their all-time history against Baltimore.

The Orioles (35-21) and the Giants (28-28) will meet for an interleague bout. San Francisco is heating up, and trying to return to their 2021 play level, while Baltimore aims to keep up their early season success.

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Baltimore failed to win against Cleveland on Wednesday, losing their 2nd straight series at home. That being said, the Orioles continue to win at a solid rate, staying in 2nd place in the AL East at 35-21. They’ve taken full advantage of the winning ways they established in the 2nd-half of last season, now fielding one of the MLB’s youngest and most talented teams. The pressure is on for Baltimore to make the postseason.

The Giants have started to play much better baseball as of late. Prior to this week, they had gone 10-2 in their last 12 games, after a mediocre 17-23 start to the year. They took a bit of a step back since Sunday, going 1-3 since then, but are overall still playing much better than a month ago. San Francisco will have a great chance to test their newfound success against a capable Orioles team here. They’re not out of it yet.


In this matchup, the Orioles have been the better team this season. That being said, they hold similar records over the last 15 games, with the Giants going 10-5, and the Orioles going 9-6. With home-field advantage in their favor, San Francisco should have a solid chance to win this series. For the first game, they’ll have Logan Webb (2.75 ERA) on the mound against Dean Kremer (4.58 ERA). I’ll take the Giants.

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