Australian Betting Sites

Online betting in Australia arrived as early as 1996 to cater to a great demand among locals, currently with an estimated 39% of all adults making wagers every month. Today, the market generates over AU$23 billion every year accounting for 5% of the global market and all winnings are tax-free, for an additional incentive. Here’s everything you need to know about this slice of sports betting heaven.

flag-small-icon-australia Top Australian Betting Sites in 2023

The best betting sites in Australia all share some essential features across each other. They offer a specific selection of localized markets as well as a broad coverage of international events. These websites usually hold a gambling license from an Australian regulatory body, which gives them the legal foothold to offer an outstanding betting product.

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To help you always choose the top Australian betting sites, we use a number of benchmarks that help us asses the overall offer of a specific bookmaker. We focus on a number of criteria, including bonuses and promotions, markets variety, the value of individual odds, mobile betting options and of course the available payment processors.

The fortunes of many bookies tend to change quickly, but the best Aussie betting agencies we recommend are bulwarks for the entire industry. Where other falter, our recommended Aussie bookies will offer you long-term prospects and great value for your money. What is the best online betting site in Australia? We will provide you with a quick way of finding out all by yourself in a moment.

flag-small-icon-australia What to Look for in Betting Sites

Shopping around for a decent website can take a while. However, there are sure-fire ways to make sure that you slash the time you spend looking, and focus on planning your next bet instead. Here are the criteria we hold as the baseline against which we help you choose your next Aussie betting site.

  • Local currency: Even international bookies will know that Aussies would much rather have things fully-customized. It’s not so much to ask when it comes to having your national currency featured. Picking a betting site that offers Australian dollar (AU$) is very natural and it will save you some conversion fees.
  • Odds and markets:  Australian betting sites must meet the high expectations of punters. Specifically, Aussie bettors expect to find a variety of available bets and markets. Australians love specific sports, such as cricket, rugby, and horse racing, and that’s why you would always want to double-check that your site offers a sufficient variety of options.
  • Payment options for Australians: There are universal payment methods, that’s true, but why not make use of payment options that are specifically designed to cater to Aussie punters? POLi is a highly-preferred betting option, as it keeps your banking details and bookie info separate. You can make use of great e-wallet options, such as Neteller and Skrill, and even PayPal to carry out deposits and withdrawals. Aussies can also benefit from Neosurf!
  • Customer support: With thousands of wagers placed daily by some 9.38 million players, you can see how it’s important that all top Australian betting sites will want to keep in touch with you. Customer service is available via live chat, phone, and email. You want to make sure your bookmaker offers prompt responses and clear solutions to anything that may be on your mind.  

flag-small-icon-australia Choosing An Appropriate Bonus

Australians love to bet, regardless of the conditions. Yet, they will always seek out the best bargains and try to cash out on those. A bonus is a great starting point for many. All Australian betting sites will focus on getting you rolling with a fantastic offer. As the industry has matured, the offers have also got quite a bit better.

Aussie bookies offer you quite a bit of leeway with their bonuses. A single welcome bonus could be worth AU$500, for example. Once you have played through the starter’s offer, you will be able to continue adding to your bankroll at a good pace. The websites we recommend always run featured bonuses, reload offers, and other specific promotions around the time of a big sporting event.

You can expect to see Rugby and Cricket specials, and if the site offers horse racing – then certainly events as the Melbourne Cup will be featured there. There are other popular markets, such as political, arbitrage, and esports betting in Australia.

flag-small-icon-australia Good Sports to Bet On

Australians may be silly for sports betting, but that’s not self-serving. While the nation loves to play sports – betting is just a by-product of that passion and the sports themselves differ to other countries such as the US or UK where betting is rife. As such, Australians seem to embrace every form of athletic competition out there. Located on the cusp of the world but also bearing sporting traditions of old, Aussies play a number of games, such as netball, cricket, rugby, soccer and many more!

Horse racing events are not just about the races. They are occasions to celebrate, take time off work and enjoy the weather. The biggest of all competitions, however, is a purely of Australian making. Aussie Rules Football offers a vast selection of markets. You will usually find over 100 possible wagers available. That’s plenty of markets right off the bat there.

flag-small-icon-australia Banking Methods

Australians will never have to worry about their money when using online betting agencies in the country. There are all sorts of payment methods that are readily available. Some are universal, such as VISA and MasterCard. You can even rely on your bank to deposit and withdraw money, although processing times might take slightly longer than you would like.

Then, there are some outstanding payment options that have been designed specifically to help Aussie players bet on their favorite betting sites. Here’re some of these specific Aussie-friendly payment options you can use today:

  • POLi remains the leading payment provider for so many punters in Australia. You will be able to deposit money in a heartbeat, and without any fees. Your transactions will be completed in the matter of seconds, although for withdrawals, you may need to wait a while to see your money appear in your bank account. This is just as well, because POLi is a trusted and highly-preferred payment method.
  • Skrill is easily one of our recommended top Australian payment options at betting agencies. This payment solution has a great clearance rate, they work in the open and adhere to all regional laws to expedite the payment process and guarantee you quick cash outs.
  • Neteller can be considered as an improved-upon version of Neteller. This specific payment method stands as a brilliant e-wallet that offers you great security and rapid payouts, sometimes within the hour. Making sure your withdrawals arrive at your account’s balance right away is a great overall comfort.
  • PayPal is the world’s most trusted and recognizable payment processor. So far as e-wallets go, PayPal has won itself a reputation for a fair and legal facilitator of payments. It’s a massively popular option that helps you always feel at home when making your next deposit.

Understandably, there are other payment options that remain available to Australians. Neosurf, Flexepin and BPAY are just some of those alternatives. Flexepin is similar to Paysafecard, as it’s a voucher that eliminates any connection between the sports betting site and your banking account.

Another option are cryptocurrencies, which aren’t necessary popular with the mainstream bookies, but they have proven very handy.

flag-small-icon-australia What to Know Before Cashing Out

While the payment options themselves are a very handy way of making a payment, there are more things you need to know to smooth out your banking operations. Australian regulators still expect you verify your identity. This is why it’s recommended that you always register yourself and go through a verification process first. This would require a copy of a government-issued ID and possibly a copy of a utility bill or a bank statement.

Meanwhile, your winnings will be tax-free, which is a big advantage to anyone who’s hoping to turn sports betting in a sort of supplementary income. However, the government doesn’t see betting as a profession, but rather a hobby. For those of you who know how to turn the majority of their bets into winners this is good news.

flag-small-icon-australia Are the Betting Sites Safe?

Yes, Australia has some of the safest betting sites. Brands recommended by us or approved by a regulator in the country can be trusted completely. Australia has very clear legal framework for establishing an industry that upholds to high standards.

As a result, the majority of betting agencies will hold a license from a government regulator. Furthermore, you can always lodge a complaint with a third-party mediator that serves as an independent overseer in cases of disputes. Not least of all, the majority of betting agencies in Australia meet specific industry-wide security criteria, such as full encryption of their customers’ data.

flag-small-icon-australia Why Australian Bookmakers?

New bookies in Australia have certainly a lot to offer. First, to even make any list of decent betting agencies, their offer will have to meet all industry standards, no exceptions. Secondly, they will have to offer competitive odds that would allow you to squeeze out even more value out of your money. It’s always a good idea to see what the latest bookies have to offer. The only way to stay competitive is to innovate, and this is precisely we take great care in reviewing up-and-coming betting agencies that may offer even better markets than established websites.

Yes, sports betting in Australia is legal, albeit there are a few caveats to consider. The industry was first regulated in 2001 when the Interactive Gambling Act (IGA) was introduced. The following years were a period of quick expansion, with many overseas betting companies opening their digital betting shops in the country. Mobile hitting took a major blow when regulators passed the Gaming Amendment of 2016 and suspended live sports betting, as well as restricting some mobile betting options.

Today, the patchwork that regulates the industry is quite versatile, so you may need to have and keep up with the available regulation yourself. Depending on where in Australia you live, there could be different laws. The good news is, that’s all very easy to track any changes in existing regulations, thanks to the efforts of lawmakers and established regulatory bodies. Want to know if Australian betting sites are legal in your region? Check out the following official websites that govern the industry in each separate territory:

ACT Gambling and Racing Commission The ACT is slightly out of scope, as this watchdog focuses on casinos, gaming machines and general licensing. Established in 1999 by the Gambling and Racing Control Act, this is still an important resource to refer to keep abreast with recent changes in the legal sports betting climate in Australia.
Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries is the latest Western Gambling Regulator formed on July 1, 2017.
New South Wales Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing CommissionThis regulator focuses on all charity gaming, horse racing and casino activities in the New South Wales state.
Northern Territory Department of Trade, Business, and InnovationEstablished in 2014, this regulator is now in charge of monitoring and controlling all betting activities in the Northern Territory.
Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming RegulationThe Queensland Office of Liquor is in charge of the gaming and sports betting industry in the state of Queensland.
South Australia Independent Gaming Authority This is the omnipotent gaming regulator in South Australia, which handles all licensing requests and is generally looking to scale down the number of certain gambling segments.
Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Division The Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Division regulates all forms of sports betting and online gambling in the state. The regulator uses the Gaming Control Act of 1993 to enforce any regulatory demands.
Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor RegulationThe Victorian Commission for Gambling is constantly tinkering with the regulations. All businesses can obtain a license to run a sports betting activity from the Commission.

flag-small-icon-australia Betting at an Offshore Betting Site

While it’s recommended that the website you bet on holds a license from your territory or state’s gaming regulator, offshore bookies are also very popular in Australia. Some of these ‘offshore’ sites are in fact well-established international brands that offer their markets remotely, without exclusively targeting Australians.

There are both pros and cons at choosing a website such as that. You may face some problems with cashing your money quickly, but then again, overseas bookies could potentially offer better markets for non-Aussie sports.  

The good news is that you, as a punter, have nothing to worry about. You can place bets legally at any bookie, so long as you are sure you can trust your choice of a betting agency.

flag-small-icon-australia The Best Betting App

With a nation so eager to place a wager, Australians are often the world’s most tech-savvy punters. Aussies love to be able to place their wagers without having to visit a physical venue or even when they commute. Therefore, bookmakers in the country have developed some of the best betting apps. Australia allows punters to enjoy betting from any iOS and Android apps. Bet365 seems to be the best one currently on the market, as it offers a very quick access to all available markets.

flag-small-icon-australia How to Stay Safe When Betting

With Aussie punters being some of the most arduous the world knows to date, it’s understandable why some security measures need to be introduced to keep everyone in check. Australia is one of the places where gambling addiction is taken very seriously. There’s a reason why Australians are called the world’s most prolific gamblers.

Thankfully, lawmakers, regulators and even betting agencies have taken the necessary precautions to help you stay safe. There are numerous bodies that specialize in offering assistance to individuals whose betting habits may be slightly out of hand. Help is always offered at:

Each of these help bodies is established to address problems that are specific to Australian punters. They are proven and effective ways to help you keep your online betting within reasonable limits.  

flag-small-icon-australia Final Thoughts

With this, it’s fair to say that betting sites in Australia are one of the finest in the world. Local demand has created unique opportunities for bookmakers. As a result, you can see some of the most innovative platforms and numerous sports betting opportunities delivered straight to you. Aussie punters will be in no shortage of excellent betting markets. While there may seem like there are too many websites out there, rest assured that we will only help you find the ones that truly stand out.

flag-small-icon-australia Frequently Asked Questions

Are betting sites in Australia legal?

Yes, Australian online betting sites are legal. They are regulated by national, territorial or state commissions. While some forms of sports betting are restricted, depending on where you live, the majority of sports betting activities continue unperturbed.

What is the best online betting site in Australia?

Bet365. By and large, Bet365 remains the top sports betting website in Australia. The company holds a license from the Northern Territory Government, which puts the website ahead of many other bookmakers.

What’s the legal betting age in Australia?

18. All individuals aged 18 or older may participate in various gambling activities and sports betting in particular. Overseas bookies will also not allow any underage individuals to participate.

Are Australian online betting sites safe?

Yes, Australian betting websites are completely safe. You will need to focus on those that are licensed by a government regulator and offer SSL encryption, however. If you make sure that your chosen website meets some basic conditions, you will be completely safe playing.