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Betting on the NHL hockey games has become increasingly popular over the years and as with any sport once his popularity starts to grow, so does the variety of ways you can bet in the NHL. Betting on the NHL isn’t as easy as simply picking a team that you like putting $100 on them.

Granted, you can pick a team and put $100 on them but your return on your investment may be very small due to the fact that many of the NHL wagers include odds. There are many more ways to bet on the NHL including Totals, Sides, Puck Line and the majority favorite, the Grand Salami! In this article, we will describe to you various different ways and describe each way you can bet on the NHL hockey games.

NHL Moneyline Betting

Like many of the other sports, one of the most popular forms of betting in the NHL is on the money line. Betting the money line in the NHL is as simple as picking a side you believe will win. When you place a wager on a team using the money line, you are betting against odds, instead of a pointspread. This basically means that whichever team you believe win the game must in fact win the game but not necessarily by a pointspread.

An example would be safe for instance the Washington Capitals were playing at home against the Pittsburgh Penguins on a Saturday night. The Capitals were the favorite in the game with odds of -300, while the Penguins were the underdog with their odds at +250. If you bet $100 on the Capitals and they won, you would win $100 but if the Capitals lost as the odds on favorite, you would lose $300. Playing devils advocate, if you were to bet the Penguins for $100 and they were to lose you will lose $100 but if they won, you would win $250 because they were the underdog with decent odds.

Puck Line Betting

Another very popular form of betting in the NHL is called puck line betting. Puck line betting is basically defined as betting a team plus or minus 1 1/2 points. By adding the 1 1/2 points to the underdog or subtracting 1 1/2 points from the games favorite, it sort of evens out the game.

NHL Total Betting

Probably the easiest wager to describe, and one that is used by a majority of NHL gamblers is the NHL Bets. NHL total betting is similar in style to what most people are familiar with from the NFL and the MLB regarding to over under plays.

The game itself will have a number set prior to the start of the game and gamblers can either bet whether they believe the game will go over or under that specific number. As an example, if 2 defensive teams are playing each other and the total number is set at 5. You would either bet whether you believe the game is over or under 5 points but in order to win the wager there must be 6 or more points scored total.

NHL Grand Salami

Many bettors who enjoy playing the over unders or totals bets, will enjoy a wager called the Grand Salami. The Grand Salami is the combined total of all games played on a single day. The Grand Salami is a steadfast way for hockey bettors to have a rooting interest in every single game played on that night. The grand salami predetermined total number will be listed on the sports book of your choice usually at the bottom of all the other odds. The grand salami is truly determined by how many games are being played, the goalies that are playing on that night and how many goals Vegas oddsmakers believe will be scored on that evening.

NHL Parlay Betting

Betting on parlays in the NHL is basically no different than betting on any other parlay in sports. NHL Parlays are best described as 2 or more wagers on a single ticket with an increased payout to the level of difficulty of cashing more than one wager. The payouts are based on odds and can be quite drastic if you are lucky enough to win the games on your ticket.

For example, if you’re pick 5 teams that you believe win on a single ticket and you are lucky enough to win all 5 of those teams, you would get back return on your investment of 20/1! That means if you are been $100 or 5 team parlay at most online sportsbooks, you would win $2000. A list of the common payouts at most of your online sports books is as follows:

  • 2 teams – 13/5
  • 3 teams – 6/1
  • 4 teams – 10/1
  • 5 teams – 20/1
  • 6 teams – 40/1
  • 7 teams – 75/1
  • 8 teams – 150/1
  • 9 teams – 250/1
  • 10 teams – 400/1
  • 11 teams – 500/1
  • 12 teams – 600/1

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