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The NHL season is a time of the year when everybody in North America gets caught up with the action. The season starts, and anybody could win the Stanley Cup at the end of the campaign. Each season is entirely different from the last, and that ensures that every team look at doing the impossible over the next nine months.

As each team gears up to do the impossible, you’ll need every sportsbook’s NHL hockey odds and lines at your disposal to make informed betting decisions – what better source for NHL Series odds than Las Vegas itself? Vegas Odds compiles all the odds so you can all become odd sharks in your own right, whether you’re betting on the odds to win the Cup, want to know the draft odds or just want to check NHL odds tonight, we have you covered.

Here are the latest NHL odds for every upcoming hockey game imaginable, so you can compare it with NHL Vegas Odds:

NHL Odds Today

However, to reach the final seven-game series, each side must first successfully navigate their way through the regular season and then into their regional playoff finals. The post-season is where the NHL really comes alive, with each knockout game being played in a seven-game series. These grueling fixtures help to separate the contenders from the pretenders. The regular season also allows punters to maximize their returns on bets, as there are a host of shocking results throughout the season due to the high levels of every team in the respective divisions.

There are a host of different NHL betting options and odds for punters, as the modern era of sportsbooks caters to every possible need. Punters no longer simply have to bet on the winning side from each individual match, but they can also bet on the first scorers and use handicaps to ensure maximum profits can be made. Before studying the betting markets that you can bet on, there are other aspects that punters must be clued up on to ensure maximum returns.

When to Bet On NHL

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The NHL season takes place between October and April, with the Stanley Cup playoffs taking place in the two months following that. The betting market which you’re thinking of betting on will have a significant say in when the best time to place your bet is. If you’re looking to bet on the winners of the Stanley Cup, then it’s important to keep an eye on the divisions throughout the season as the prices on the team will constantly change depending on their form. For instance, the Toronto Maple Leafs started the season as the second favorites but have drifted massively in the NHL odds following a poor start to the season.

If you think a team like this still has a chance, then the best time to bet on them to win the Stanley Cup will be at this point. However, if you’re looking at individual games, then the best time to place your bet will be when you have all the necessary information to make the most informed judgment on the outcome of the game. If there is a late change in the line-up and a crucial member of the team will miss out, then this could have a big impact on the final result of the match.

It is essential to stay up to date with the latest results and injury news as both of these factors will have significant impacts on the way that a match may play out. But, as I mentioned, the best time to place a bet on the outright market would be when you can get the best possible NHL odds on the team that you want to bet on.

How to Read Hockey Odds

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Betting on hockey is similar but not exactly the same as other sports. Read on to understand some of the nuances I want you to be aware of before betting. Even if you don’t get deep into them, a little knowledge goes a long way.

Here’s a rundown explaining how to read hockey odds:

Moneyline Betting

Like many of the other sports, one of the most popular forms of betting in the NHL is on the money line. Betting the money line in the NHL is as simple as picking a side you believe will win. When you place a wager on a team using the money line, you are betting against odds, instead of a point spread. This basically means that whichever team you believe will win the game must, in fact, win the game but not necessarily by a point spread.

For instance, if the Boston Bruins were playing at home against the Dallas Stars. The Bruins are the favorite in the game with odds of -300, while the Stars are the underdogs with their odds at +250. If you bet $100 on the Bruins and they win, you would win $100, but if Boston lost as the odds on favorite, you would lose $300. Playing devil’s advocate, if you were to bet the Stars for $100 and they were to lose, you will lose $100, but if they won, you would win $250 because they were the underdog with decent odds.

Puck Line Betting

Another very popular form of betting in the NHL is called puck line betting. Puck line betting is basically defined as betting a team plus or minus 1 1/2 points. By adding the 1 1/2 points to the underdog or subtracting 1 1/2 points from the game favorite, it sort of evens out the game.

This is the best betting option if the form of one of the sides is the contrasting opposite form the unfancied side. This would be the best way to maximize returns on the favorite in the NHL odds. However, the winning side must win by at least two should you back the favorite.

Two-Way Betting

The most straightforward way for punters to bet on the NHL markets can be found in the two-way betting market. Essentially, this market removes the likelihood of a draw, and subsequently, over time from the equation. Should a match end in a draw, then the stake is returned to the punter.

For example, in a fixture between the St Louis Blues against the Montreal Canadiens, punters would simply just bet on the team that they believe will win. The odds that punters will expect to find in this market are a little lower since the draw is removed from the possible results. It is a good way to have that layer of insurance if you believe there is a chance that the team that you expect to win are taken to overtime. The bet is won should the team that you have betted on wins. However, the stake is lost should the team that you have wagered on loses. 

Double Chance Betting

Another good betting market that has a layer of insurance can be found in the double chance market. Here, punters can cover two potential results in their bet. That means that punters can put their bet on an away win or a draw. For example, in a match between the Buffalo Sabres and the Detroit Red Wings, punters can bet on the Red Wings and the draw. 

The odds in this market wouldn’t be lucrative, but it could make for a solid betting tactic to ensure returns are stable and that could make for long-term success.

60 Min Winning Margin Betting

One of the best ways to maximize returns on NHL betting is by taking advantage of this market. Here, the punter would first have to pick the team that they believe will win the match inside 60 minutes before then picking the winning margin that they will win by. Punters can bet that the winning side will win by one, two, or three or more.

It can be incredibly lucrative should the punter have done their research before the clash, as they can win a lot of money by betting on this market. For instance, if a punter bets that the Pittsburgh Penguins will beat the New York Rangers by two goals, then the Penguins will need to win by exactly two goals for the bet to be a winning one. Should the Penguins win by one or more than two then the bet is lost. The bet is also lost should the Penguins lose.

‘Will There Be Overtime?’ Betting

This betting market is one of the most straightforward that you can expect to find when betting on the NHL, as punters would simply lay their stake on either yes or no. The bet is then settled at the end of regulation time. Should a punter lay their wager on yes, then they will need the match to be a draw at the end of regulation time. However, if they place their wager on no, then the bet will need to be won by one of the sides inside 60 minutes.

The winning side for those betting on no wouldn’t matter, as the bet doesn’t require the punter to select the team that they believe will win the match. It is straightforward, and should punter have done the adequate research then it could also be very lucrative as a long-term betting strategy.

Correct Score Betting

One of the most precise betting markets that punters can bet on can be found in the correct score market. Here, punters need to correctly predict the winning side, and by the scoreline that they will win by. The bet needs to be 100% correctly for the returns to be earned; as if they are just one goal away the stake will be lost.

The difficulty of this market can be understood by reading the NHL odds, as the prices in this could ensure that it is a very lucrative option. The bet is settled at the end of regulation time, and should the punter have correctly predicted the score then the bet will be a winner. However, if they haven’t then the stake is lost.

NHL Total Betting

Probably the easiest wager to describe, and one that is used by a majority of NHL gamblers, is the NHL totals market. NHL total betting is similar in style to what most people are familiar with from the NFL and the MLB regarding to over/under plays.

The game itself will have a number set prior to the start of the game, and gamblers can either bet whether they believe the game will go over or under that specific number. As an example, if two defensive teams are playing each other and the total number is set at five. You would either bet whether you believe the game is over or under five points in total. But, in order to win the wager, there must be six or more points scored in total.

NHL Grand Salami

Many bettors who enjoy playing the over/under’s or totals bets, will enjoy a wager called the Grand Salami. The Grand Salami is the combined total of all games played on a single day. The Grand Salami is a steadfast way for hockey bettors to have a rooting interest in every single game played on that night. 

The grand salami predetermined total number will be listed on the sportsbook of your choice, usually at the bottom of all the other odds. The grand salami is truly determined by how many games are being played, the goalies that are playing on that night, and how many goals Vegas oddsmakers believe will be scored on that evening.

NHL Parlay Betting

Betting on parlays in the NHL is basically no different than betting on any other parlay in sports. NHL Parlays are best described as two or more wagers on a single ticket with an increased payout to the level of difficulty of cashing more than one wager. The payouts are based on odds and can be quite drastic if you are lucky enough to win the games on your ticket.

For example, if you pick five teams that you believe win on a single ticket and you are lucky enough to win all five, you would get back return on your investment of 20/1! That means if you are betting $100 or a five-team parlay at most online sportsbooks, you would win $2000. A list of the common payouts at most of your online sportsbooks is as follows:

  • Two teams – 13/5
  • Three teams – 6/1
  • Four teams – 10/1
  • Five teams – 20/1
  • Six teams – 40/1
  • Seven teams – 75/1
  • Eight teams – 150/1
  • Nine teams – 250/1
  • Ten teams – 400/1
  • 11 teams – 500/1
  • 12 teams – 600/1

Outright Betting / Odds to Win the Cup

The most common betting market for most punters is the outright betting market. Here punters will simply place their stake on the team that they believe will win the Stanley Cup or any of the regional divisions. As I mentioned at the very beginning, these odds change drastically over the season, so finding the best time to place your bet is the most crucial aspect of this.

Betting on the Stanley Cup winners is the most popular outright market for NHL punters, but there is also value to be had in predicting which sides will win the respective divisions. Punters can also include the winners of the Metropolitan, Eastern, Western, Central, Pacific, and Atlantic divisions into one longer formed bet called an accumulator. Should all the predictions be right in this bet, then the returns could be incredibly lucrative. However, all selections must be right in order for the bet to be a winner.

Tips to Win on NHL Betting

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There is no way to ensure a winning bet on the NHL as it is one of the hardest sports to bet on. However, there are pointers that all punters should follow in order to make the best possible bet. The most informed hockey fans will make the best bets, and these can be realized when they have done the correct research prior to staking their money.

The research process is fundamental when betting on the NHL, and there are certain aspects that all punters should be looking out for before placing their bets. Here are some of the crucial elements that you must look at to ensure that you place the best bet possible.

  • Recent Form – The most crucial aspect that must be taken into account before placing a bet is the form that both sides are in. Should a team in miserable form take on a team riding high at the top of the division, then it would be incredibly unlikely that the unfavored side would be to overcome the higher quality opposition.
  • Head to Head – Certain sides have very bad records against others, and as a punter, it would be your job to find these trends before placing your bet. If a side hasn’t won at the arena of their opponents for five years, then you must take that fact into account before placing your bet. This information is imperative to punters before making their wager.
  • Injury News – Injuries happen in sport, but there is nothing worse for a punter than placing their bet and then realizing that the star player for that team is on the sidelines. You must look up the relevant injury news before placing your wager to ensure that the side you need to win has every opportunity of winning your bet.
  • Venue – Where the matches are played is essential knowledge for NHL punters. The home teams will have a greater chance of winning as they are playing in front of their home fans. This could be a pivotal piece of information as teams will look to rely on their home form to fire them to the top of the division. However, certain sides may also have poor defensive records, and this would be essential information for punters.

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