LeBron James: Next Team Odds, and Prediction

By · May 24, 2023
  • The Lakers were swept by the Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals.
  • LeBron James is owed nearly $47 million dollars by the Lakers in 2023-24.
  • Speculation has arisen that the Lakers may choose to trade LeBron and rebuild.

With the Lakers officially eliminated from the postseason, rumors surrounding LeBron’s next destination have begun. Few teams have the assets and cash to bring him in, but let’s look at some possible options.

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New York Knicks (+300)

The Knicks had a successful season, despite their 2nd-round playoff exit. They’ve finally built a core of good young players, so trading a lot for an aging LeBron seems unlikely. They’re always discussed by the media as a team that will go after the best.

  • Worth the Bet? No.

Philadelphia 76ers (+300)

Philadelphia took Boston down to the wire, but failed to make the ECF for the 6th straight playoffs. They could use someone like LeBron to push them over the top, but it’ll be costly to try and go after him while also keeping Embiid, Harden, and Harris.

  • Worth the Bet? Possibly.

Los Angeles Clippers (+500)

It seems unlikely that LeBron would stay in LA just to go to a different team, but if he was unhappy with the Lakers, the Clippers are a team he could join without having to move locations. I wouldn’t count on it, but I also wouldn’t rule it out either.

  • Worth the Bet? Probably not.

Cleveland Cavaliers (+700)

LeBron is always linked to the Cavaliers as a native Ohioan, but his chances of returning for a 3rd stint in Cleveland aren’t great. Not only has he moved his family to Los Angeles, but the Cavs used up most of their assets to acquire Donovan Mitchell.

  • Worth the Bet? No.

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Phoenix Suns (+800)

Phoenix fell in the 2nd-round of the playoffs to the red-hot Nuggets. With Booker and Durant scoring plenty, the Suns could use a big player like LeBron that can do it all. With trade rumors circling around DeAndre Ayton as well, these odds aren’t too bad.

  • Worth the Bet? Yes.

Golden State Warriors (+900)

The Warriors would be an intriguing destination for LeBron. Either Golden State or LeBron James has been in 11 of the last 13 Finals, with them facing off in 4. It probably won’t happen, but seeing Steph Curry and LeBron on the same team would be wild.

  • Worth the Bet? Most likely not.

Retirement (+550)

There is always a chance that LeBron could retire, as he approaches 39 years old. That being said, the odds of him bowing out right before his son, Bronny, enters the league are extremely low. He also won’t allow his career to end by being swept.

  • Worth the Bet? No.

Bronny’s Team (TBD)

The greatest possibility for LeBron’s new team is still undetermined. His son, Bronny, is expected to be taken in the 2024 NBA Draft in the #10-20 range. There’s a great chance LeBron will join the team that picks Bronny. I’d feel good betting on it.

  • Worth the Bet? Definitely.
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