iPad Sports Betting Apps


If you are keen to make it easier on yourself when placing a digital wager, you might consider picking a sports betting app that works on an iPad. The extra screen space you get will make it quite easy for you to follow through with any bets – regular or In-play. Besides, sports betting apps for iPad are becoming more common. Now that sports betting is actually legal in 13 states, and online betting is up and running in at least 4 states of the moment of writing this, your chances are looking pretty good. Let’s quickly go through some of the Apple Policies here.

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Apple’s Policies on Sports Betting Apps

For many years Apple devices were not allowed by policy to contain any type of gambling that was associated with real money. They have since toned down their strict policies and now allow gambling applications and websites to be used on an Apple mobile device under certain criteria. Apple’s new policy states the following:

  • Apps that offer real money gaming (e.g. sports betting, poker, casino games, horse racing) or lotteries must have the necessary licenses and permissions in the location where the app is used must be geo-restricted to those locations and must be free on the App Store. Illegal gambling aids, including card counters, are not permitted on the App Store. Lottery apps must have consideration, chance, and a prize.
  • Apps may not use in-app purchase to purchase credit or currency for use in conjunction with real money gaining for any kind, and may not enable people to purchase lottery or raffle tickets or initiate fund transfers in the app.

What You Need to Bet with an iPad

The 1st thing you’ll need, of course, is an actual iPad. There are several different types of iPads you can use to place wagers at online sportsbooks. There are iPad Pros, iPad Airs, and iPad minis. These range in price, depending on which model you get, between $300 and $800. Our recommendation, if you have never used an iPad, is to pick up a used one for around $150. If you decide to go with the new iPad Pro, we suggest that you purchase the Apple pencil, which will drastically help you with placing wagers. The Apple Pencil works sort of like a stylus and makes it easy to maneuver around various applications on the device.

The second thing you will need is a reliable internet or Wi-Fi connection. One of the conveniences of using an iPad is the fact that you can find a Wi-Fi connection all over the world nowadays. Many of the fast-food carryout restaurants as well as coffee shops such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, Walmart, Chick-fil-A, and Dunkin’ Donuts, just to name a few, provide their customers with free Wi-Fi. This makes it easy to place your wagers by simply pulling up in the parking lot logging on to their Wi-Fi connection and placing your wager. Cellular connections have also gotten much better which makes data connections quite fast and reliable from literally anywhere.

The last thing you’ll need is a reliable sportsbook. Once you find a reliable sportsbook and sign up for a new account you will be ready to place bets using your new Apple iPad.

Advantages and Disadvantages in Gambling

Sports betting on an iPad

There are many advantages and disadvantages to using an iPad to place your bets with an online sportsbook. One of the biggest advantages that we have found is you are no longer restricted to placing wagers at your home or office using a computer. iPads are very mobile and can be moved from one location to another the same way you’d carry a notebook around.

This comes in handy during those times when you cannot be home or in your office but you still want to place a bet. We have all been in that situation where you are out to dinner with your family and remember that a big game is on later in the evening. Under normal situations, you would be required to drive home and hopefully place your wager on time. That is no longer the case as you can now simply pull out your iPad, log on to a Wi-Fi connection or fire up the mobile data connection and place your bets.

The only real disadvantage of an iPad is the initial cost to purchase the iPad. As we stated earlier, a new iPad will run you approximately $300 or more. Most people don’t want to cough up that kind of money for a device they may only use for gambling and that is why we recommend that you purchase a used iPad for your sports betting activities. If you already have an iPad, though, that’s great.

The iPad has a number of the advantages of other mobile devices but these alone do not necessarily make it the go-to device for most people. Instead, the popularity of iPads among online sports bettors is a culmination of a number of factors some of which may be very easy to overlook. Here, we list some of the factors that have propelled iPad sports betting apps to the heights that they are currently in.

  • Consistent and Robust UI

If you have ever used an iPad app before, then you will certainly have an idea about what is being talked about here. Using the device is a fluid experience that is not only very consistent but also very easy to navigate. Sports betting apps for iPads offer the exact same fluidity and reliability since they basically follow the same design language.

Finding your favorite sports teams is a breeze thanks to neatly organized app interfaces and the handy search features. While preferences may vary from one person to the next when it comes to user interfaces, many iPad users have admitted that they are totally happy with what is available. If you are also on the look for something familiar, then iPad sports betting apps are definitely for you.

  • The Bigger Screen

Now, mobile betting is all fun and all till you need to multitask. The smaller screens on mobile phones are rather limited, in most part, an inconvenience you will not need to worry about when using an iPad. Naturally, the iPad’s bigger screen allows players to enjoy more than just betting. You could place bets on your favorite sporting activities while watching the in-game action from a live stream or a separate window of the same app.

As a matter of fact, many sports betting apps for iPad have been optimized to take full advantage of the humongous and beautiful screens on the devices. By so doing, the bettors are able to enjoy even more features and functionalities. Besides, with the bigger iPad screens, players can even get to enjoy an experience that is reminiscent of the full desktop experience.

  • Wide Range of Sports to Bet On

There would be no point in downloading sports betting apps for iPad if they do not have your favorite sports listed. Fortunately, this is another area where these apps shine. Ideally, it would be nice to find a sports betting app that offers a large selection of sports that bettors can place bets on. Who knows? You may develop new interests in other sporting activities along the way and getting started on some betting action will be much easier once you have already cozied up with a great gaming app. Most of the existing sports betting apps for iPad feature a wide range of sporting activities that you can enjoy betting on or even watching.

  • The Bonuses and Promotions

iPads are in many ways considered to be premium products which means that whoever uses them are VIPs. The sports betting app operators are well aware of this and to appease this segment of customers, they often offer amazing bonuses and promotions for customers using their apps. Bonuses, promotions and other rewards have been a great way for players to increase their bankroll and get more value especially when they are just starting out.

iPads Vs. Desktop Computers for Sports Betting: Are You Missing Anything?

A few years back, there was a clear distinction between sports betting on mobile and on desktop computers. This is no longer the case since iPads have become so much better and more powerful that they match up to or are even greater than some desktop computers. With all that power, sports betting apps for iPads are not only more functional but also work smoothly. iPads basically bring the full desktop sports betting experience to the palms of your hands.

What to Look for In Good Sportsbook Apps

Needless to say, the iPad is one of the frontrunners in the online sports betting business. This means that a lot of apps have been developed with this particular device in mind. However, the fact that there are a plethora of apps available for iPads does not mean that all of them are built the exact same way. There are those that will be outright horrible and others that are either average or very good.

For our team of reviewers and experts, anything that is short of the best is simply not worth your time and money. Even so, we do understand that there are certain aspects of the iPad apps that will be totally subjective. This might make the process of finding a great sportsbook a little daunting. To help you out, this section expounds on certain important criteria that you should keep an eye out for when you are hunting for great sports betting apps for iPad.

  1. Great Software Capabilities

Every online sports bettor knows that great software is the glue that holds the gaming experience together. In this context, software ranges all the way from security policies to graphics and even sound effects. Apple has very strict design language policies that extend all the way to iPadOS apps. However, to maintain authenticity, sports betting apps will often include special design features, and these may or may not appeal to you. Picking sports betting apps for iPad based on this criterion should be pretty simple since there are always screenshots that offer a sneak peek of what the insides of the apps look like.

When it comes to safety and security, sports betting built for iPads are leading the way especially now that they are all required to be native apps. While many companies have been offering non-native apps to iPad users in the past, a lot has changed and now most of them are slowly making the switch. This move is set to deliver consistently smooth experiences that are not only safer but also very fair.

  1. Legality

Regardless of the kind of sporting activity that you want to place bets on, so long as you are using sports betting apps for iPad, it is always important to ensure it meets all the legal requirements. In essence, this means that the app has to be from a licensed operator. More often than not, licensed sports betting apps for iPad offer the best gaming experience in terms of speed, reliability and a fitting resolution. Our site has a list of some of the best sports betting apps and they have all been awarded certifications and are legally registered to offer real money sports betting. Sports betting activities are growing rapidly all across the globe and therefore finding such sites should not be an awfully difficult task.

  1. The Payment Options

Payment and banking options are a crucial component of real money sports betting. The best sports betting app for the iPad is one that allows you to swiftly and safely move funds between your accounts using your preferred payment method. Most sports betting apps usually list the payment options that they support on their websites and you should go through that info before you sign up.

In addition to looking for your preferred banking method, it is also advisable to pay attention to other factors such as transaction charges and the amount of time the app operator will take to process your transactions. The app should also include top-notch security features to protect your personal info and your funds. To top it all off, the cashier page should be easy to navigate and use.


Once you get your iPad, getting started with a great sports betting app is practically effortless. The device itself plays a huge role in making the experience truly exception but it is only a single component of said experience. Sports betting apps for iPad keep getting better as operators continue to innovate in order to make their customers happy and compete favorably against their competitors. So, what are you waiting for? A great gaming experience awaits you. All you need to do is to pick up your iPad.