Android Sports Betting Apps


Mobile sports betting is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the gambling industry and thanks to their popularity Android devices, have played a big part in that. Each and every online sportsbook that has plans for a mobile sportsbook will definitely have a sports betting app for Android in mind.

These apps are usually quite handy, they have very low system requirements and serve the higher purpose of helping you place digital wagers immediately. You may use your Android apps to check on the latest sports updates. Information about injuries, odds and other ad-hoc developments can be accessed remotely.

An Android betting app will let you browse the sportsbook at your own leisure. In places like New Jersey, estimated 80% of all sports fans are already betting through a mobile app. This trend is likely to continue with mobile betting eventually completely uprooting over-the-counter bets.

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Sports Betting Apps for Android Smartphones

Smartphones are perhaps the single most used computing devices in the world. We use our phones every single day and some people even consider them to be basic needs. For sports bettors, Android smartphones are a handy accessory that allows them to go about their daily lives without necessarily having to compromise on their favorite sporting activities.

There are lots of sports betting apps for Android developed by a brand. Offshore betting sites usually don’t offer such apps and invite players to benefit from the mobile website instead.

In the U.S. mainland, however, brands such as DraftKings and FanDuel have been some of the first to offer state-of-the-art Android sports betting apps. Each app is limited to a specific region – usually a state, so that’s good to keep in mind.

In some cases, the apps are restricted to a physical location, which means that you need to be in the casino, sportsbook or racino that offers betting options. Either way, the apps are quite handy.

Sports Betting Apps for Android Tablets

The only real difference between Android tablets and smartphones is the screen sizes. However, even though most of these Android tablets are just smartphones at heart, there are a number of them that offer more powerful features and functionalities. When it concerns your own sports betting, Android sports betting apps will run smoothly from any modern device. A Samsung Galaxy Tab will naturally offer a slightly smoother experience than any low-class counterpart, but that’s really about what you feel comfortable with and your current budget.

All apps are optimized to scale well with the different screen sizes, so you wouldn’t have any issue selecting a dedicate device to use for your sports wagers. In fact, you needn’t shop around for one exclusively. Just stick with whatever you are used to.

The Advantages of Android Sports Betting

Sports betting on an Android device

Android apps are easy to access. Depending on where you live, you will have a few options to obtain a branded app. First, you can download from the Google Play Store – which is most sports bettors go-to option. However, this only works for states in which Google’s Policy on Gambling Apps allows such software to be listed in the Store.

Most offshore sites don’t currently offer sports betting apps for Android, and you will need to settle for betting in your mobile browser. Here are a few factoids you may find interesting about Android apps and betting in the U.S.

  • The most popular betting apps in the U.S. as of 2019 are William Hill, FanDuel and DraftKings
  • Each of these companies is teamed up with a land-based entity (casino, sportsbook or a racino)
  • Offshore betting apps do not exist and bookies advertise their offer as ‘mobile friendly’ instead
  • States may restrict what bets are available for mobile
  • There are only 4 states that offer online sports betting presently out of 13 states that have legalized sports betting in general

Meanwhile, there are other upsides we believe Android can offer sports fans out there. Here’s our list:

Flexibility and Affordability

The platform allows third-parties to make their own modifications and develop unique products. Owning an Android device is very cheap and you can pick from quite a few medium-to-high range devices for a decent penny.

Live Betting

For Android users, in-play betting is one of the best features. In the past, this was a feature that was limited to retail sportsbooks and desktop-class gaming sites. These days, you can place a wager on an event as it happens.

Safety and Reliability

Most sports betting apps for Android are built by operators that have been in the business for years and have a considerable amount of experience in running online gambling services. A lot of services have also been streamlined and perfected over the years to ensure that such things as security and great customer service are catered for. Android apps are among the safest and most secure apps but this is all dependent on where you get the apps from. Always make sure that all of them are from reputable sources.

The Disadvantage of Android OS

Android has been known to misfire on occasion. The only reasonable downside here is that on occasion, you may experience a technical difficult with the app, preventing you from enjoying a smooth in-play betting experience. The massive number of available updates can also be perceived as a downside on occasion.

How Sports Betting Apps for Android Work

All of the sports betting apps available for Android devices are web-based. They are powered by the latest responsive technology that is specifically designed to provide seamless and optimized experiences across all devices. The user interface is usually customized depending on the kind of device that you are using, with the result being an app that renders smoothly across different display sizes with no lag, bugs or scaling issues whatsoever.

Everything follows a highly configurable yet uniquely consistent design language where various elements of the sports betting app are neatly arranged on the display. Icons and buttons appear precisely where they are supposed to with very useful search bars available to ease the process of filtering out sports and teams.

What You Need to Get Started

Other than your Android device, there are a few other things that will be required for you to get the full mobile sports betting experience. Picking a great Android phone or tablet is quite easy, especially considering the large number of reviews that are available to guide you on making the best choice.

Once you have an Android device and you have set it up, you will need a good and reliable Internet connection – this could either be through mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection. A great connection not only gives you instant access to the data from the online sports betting operator but also ensures that you do not get inconvenienced in the course of your gameplay. Moreover, nearly all modern sports betting apps for Android make use of push notifications that keep you in the loop in as far as the latest odds and sporting events are concerned. A great connection will ensure this is always the case.

Getting the Sports Betting Apps on Your Android Device

One of the things that you may notice once you get started with your Android device is that not all gaming apps will be available on the Google Play Store. This especially goes for real money gaming apps. While it might be an inconvenience, there are other ways of getting your favorite sports betting apps on your Android device.

To begin, you will need to head over to your Android device’s ‘Settings’ app and find the ‘Security’ option then enable ‘Unknown Sources.’ This will allow you to install apps from third parties such as official sports betting websites. However, it is important to be very careful with the kind of apps that you install – if it is not from the official website of your online sportsbook then it is best to leave it alone. Ideally, once you install the sports betting app on your Android phone or tablet, you should go back and return your phone to its original security settings.

When it comes to downloading the actual apps, you can head over to the online bookmaker’s site, as mentioned earlier. Most of them have dedicated mobile pages with links to installation files. In some cases, they may even offer you QR codes that you can scan with your Android phone – this will save you from the hassle of downloading the apps then transferring them to your mobile device. Once the app is installed all that is left is to log in to your casino account or create one. The process is pretty simple and you will be able to begin gaming in no time.

How to Pick the Best Android Sports Betting App

There are hundreds of online bookmakers available and each of them claims to be the best. However, depending on your own tastes and preference you may want to find a sports betting app for Android that suits your style and appeals to your eyes. Besides your own preferences, there are a few other criteria that you should put into consideration when picking a sports betting app. These include such things as:

  • Licenses and certification
  • The available bonuses and promotions
  • Variety of sporting activities you can bet on
  • Competitive odds

A Few Tips to Get You Started

In many ways, placing bets on your sports betting app for Android is the same as betting from a terminal or from a desktop computer. After all, the goal is to replicate the full desktop experience and make it mobile and more accessible. All that considered, being successful at sports betting on your Android device may be dependent on how well you make use of the opportunities.

Having multiple sports betting apps is always a good idea as this will help you in taking advantage of the one that has the best betting lines and pay lines. Our site includes a list of the best ones.

In addition to keeping an eye out for the best betting lines, you should try to do some research on both player and team stats. Betting may be mostly about luck but going in blind may be catastrophic to you and your bankroll. Getting yourself acquainted with as many betting types as possible is also highly recommended.

Lastly, always keep an eye out for bonuses and promotions, as these will not only get more money in your account but they will also allow you to bet longer.


Almost everyone owns a smartphone or mobile device these days and there is always a high probability that the device they have is powered by Android. These devices are so popular that they have been the focus of many different industries and businesses including bookmarkers.

As such finding a great sports betting app for Android is quite easy and once you find one, you are guaranteed a number of great perks. The apps are well built and offer a ton of features that will make some online sportsbooks look like child’s play. Placing bets on your Android device is so much better than it has ever been and that is just the beginning as there are definitely greater things to come. It is that simple.