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Many years ago, people around the world laughed at the fact of watching golf on television and called it a boring sport. Golf was a sport mostly played by wealthy businessmen and retired folks who wanted to kill time in their lives.

Nowadays, golf is one of the most-watched sports in existence with large events such as The Masters and The US Open hosting millions of people from around the world, watching the events on TV and wagering on their favorite golfers. Golf is also now being played by millions of people around the world but not just by retired or wealthy businessmen. Golf is played by young kids as well as adults all around the world. In addition to watching on TV and playing the sport of golf, many people get a great amount of enjoyment from betting on golf.

There are many different leagues upon which one can bet on golf. Many different online sportsbooks will offer the ability to bet on the PGA Tour, the European Tour, the LPGA Tour and many other tours worldwide. Betting on golf is not as simple as one may think. In this article, we will describe how you can place wagers and describe each for golf.

Golf Odds – Odds to Win

Tournament Winner Bets

Probably the most popular way to wager on golf is to pick who you think will win the entire tournament. This way of betting is the easiest to explain because there really is no complicated point spread factor and to win, you just need to pick who will win the tournament.

Now, just because it is simple to explain, doesn’t always mean that it will be easy to win. There are usually 150-160 golfers in a tournament and you need to pick the one golfer that you feel will win. Each golfer is given odds, which are based on their recent form, course history, recent injuries, weather-related forecasts and other information that the oddsmakers feel is important in factoring their odds.

The favorites of the individual tournaments will have the smaller odds, while the underdogs will have large odds on them. If you are lucky enough to cash one or two large underdogs in a year, you will be quickly ahead of the curve as odds in golf can at times be very large!!!

Head-To-Head Golf Matchups

Head-To-Head matchup bets are another popular form of betting on golf. Oddsmakers will give you pairings each week for two golfers to compete against each other, in an informal competition between the two golfers, where you pick who you think will have a better tournament and finish with a higher placement.

The Head-To-Head matchup bets can be made on the overall tournament, as well as each individual round of golf. Each golfer will be given odds and the return on investment is based on those odds.  

First Round Leader Bets

Another nice way of cashing in on some big-time odds is by playing who you think will be the first-round leader for an individual tournament. These bets are also based against the odds but many times, you can find a golfer that has large odds that has the ability to lead the first round and give you a nice little payday.

For you to win this bet, your golfer must be in the lead at the end of the first round. They do not have to win the tournament, they simply need to be in the lead at the end of the first round of play.

Golf Futures

Golf Futures are a great way to bet on a golfer early in the season before he gets hot and capitalize on the lower odds. Many times, we will find a golfer that has the potential to contend in the FedEx Cup Points and possibly win the crown. If you can find someone with decent odds, you can gather some large odds and increase your payday drastically!

For example, if you think Jason Day can win the upcoming 2018 Masters, then you would wager on Jason Day at 14/1. If Day starts to play well over the next few months, those odds will drop over time. This is why you would bet it now, because you get better odds now compared to betting it at the time of the event.

Prop Wagers

Prop wagers are another fun way of betting on golf. Prop bets are basically specific bets that you wager on pertaining to a golfer. For example, you may wager on props such as if a particular golfer will make the cut, if a golfer will get a hole-in-one, how many birdies a golfer will make, if a golfer will withdraw and many others. These are usually odds based and are another great form to cash in some great money from decent odds.

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